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Watch: Rand Paul Mobbed by BLM

In an extremely frightening scene that could’ve resulted in a United States Senator and his wife being violently harmed or even killed just outside the White House gates immediately following President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night, a mob consisting of Black Live Matters and Antifa hoodlums surrounded and roughed up Senator Paul, his wife, and the law enforcement personnel who protected them as they walked back to their hotel.

In the video, you can see the fear in Senator Paul’s eyes.

Rand Paul BLM Mob

Rand Paul Mobbed by Black Lives Matter

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  1. Enrique says:

    All these hoodlums the moment they start threatening anybody they should be arrested and sent to “Marines” boot camps training for a while so they learn Some respect and discipline, I would gladly contribute a “Respect to others Tax” and a lot of people would also
    To keep them there until they learn a lesson or two And become productive members of society !!!!!!!!!!!