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Watch: Voter Fraud Caught on Video

Cohorts of Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar have been caught on video allegedly engaged in “ballot harvesting” – better known as election fraud.

Project Veritas, the well-known investigative unit founded and run by James O’Keefe, has released a video that contains seemingly irrefutable proof that voter fraud is alive and thriving in the United States.

In just one of several examples caught on tape, Liban Mohamed shows some of the hundreds of ballots he has in his possession as he travels about Minnesota collecting the ballots. “Numbers do not lie. Numbers do not lie,” he says. “You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. Can’t you see? Look at all these. My car is full,” he continues as the video records his actions and statements.

Omar Jamal, an individual cooperating with O’Keefe’s investigation, states on camera that Rep. Omar “will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that.”

Watch for yourself.


As has been repeatedly documented, the Democrat Party has a long history of collecting votes through questionable, unethical, illegitimate, and even blatantly illegal methods.

In one such first-person admission, Jeffrey Smith, a former Missouri state senator who served prison time for obstruction of justice involving an investigation into violations of federal campaign-finance laws, wrote in ‘Walking-Around Money’: How Machine Politics Works in America Today:

I know people who have disbursed several hundred thousand dollars on Election Day. In some cases, the process is blunter, not to mention illegal: Low-level operatives simply distribute cash in even smaller increments to individual voters. In St. Louis, local powerbrokers often steered “street money” through a trusted ally or relative — and, according to scuttlebutt, siphoned off a chunk for themselves. Sometimes a powerbroker will even dole out money to low-level party functionaries himself. In 2004, John Kerry reportedly dropped hundreds of thousands on the street in Philadelphia alone, though ultimately the Republicans’ all-volunteer ground game was widely seen as superior — and Kerry lost.”


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  1. Js says:

    I have been wondering how some of these people could ever be elected in the first place. Think we definitely need to go to: if you want to vote go to your Designated spot, show your picture ID and cast your ballot.
    These devilish folks would still try and find ways to beat the system with this method but would have to work a little harder. A law stating voter punishable by the death penalty may be the way to go in order to keep our democracy in place!!!!! Omar, go back to where you come from. Your a sick women!!!

  2. james says:

    members of Congress are judged by fellow members, so if your in control as demo you are basically not going to try your fellow members

  3. susan says:

    The Dummycrats and their constituents are all alike. They are devious, deceptive, manipulative, antagonistic; they lie, cheat, brainwash, embellish, omit and are generally of a ignorant, anti-American, give me, get me and I want mentality and all for free and a free for all!!!

  4. Julia Ogden says:

    Hey now, I know people who are good Americans that follow the Muslim faith! Don’t do like BLM/Antifa and lump all Muslims into the same boat as Ilhan Omar! I don’t like that, it’s not fair, when so many of the Muslim faith do NOT follow the Elders, and do NOT try to hurt people or become ‘radicalized’! Most of them came here and made a real life, assimilated into the American culture. They don’t mutilate their women or have more than one wife or any other BS spouted about them. That’s like BLM saying all cops are after black people! Do NOT fall into the hatred trap! I hate a traitor because I love my country, it’s freedoms and the ability for any one to come here and become citizens if they do so LEGALLY! Don’t let one POS traitor become the ‘norm’ for judging every Muslim in this country! You become as bad a Omar when you do that, so just DON’T! Ilhan Omar’s days are numbered and I’ll settle with her hanging. I won’t hang all Muslims though, just because of her sick dirty dealings! And FYI, I used to feel the same way until I met a great man who was of the Muslim faith. Just saying….

  5. This is the result of impunity. These people are confident. that they will not be punished for their crimes. If at least one villain were severely punished for ballot fraud, then perhaps there would not have been such a massive ballot stuffing and the elections could have been trusted.



  7. Arland Benton says:

    Then what the hell is going to be done about it. the Republicans in Washington need to get off their asses and speak up and do something about it. if it were the other way around Democrats would be raising hell. Omar just keeps right on committing crap and Republicans say nothing. Do something DAMNIT. Through their asses in jail.

  8. Ronda Grose says:

    When is the criminal charges against Omar going to be served??
    I want justice served now! Stop petting this terrorist! Prosecute her,?Prosecute “Her”… I AM SICK AND TIRED of THESE CRIMINALS NOT BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!
    She has violated her oath of office, according to the Constitution, and WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND SHE BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!!!!’ THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!
    As Nancy Pelosi said NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

  9. cary Helms says:

    You realize that none of this actually happened. More trump follower lies!

    • K says:

      Cary, how do you know that?

    • ian fleck says:

      ohmar has been fiddling taxes marrying her husband paying her boyfreind out of state money,yes sge is innocent carey

    • Julia Ogden says:

      I call you fraud, cary Helms, if that’s your real name! Project Veritas got these people on video, admissible in A court OF LAW as evidence. All your ‘cognitive dissonance’ and DENIAL of the truth won’t help her. And you supporting this communist who pretends she’s an American is you being so brainwashed by the MSM that you can not look at FACTS and understand what is really happening today in this country! You are either ignorant or a paid liar by the DNC and Soros! You need to look at the FACTS, not your poor little feelings. You either KNOW you are lying to the media outlets you use, or you are dumber than a box of rocks! Grow up and start doing your OWN research instead of spouting the MSM and DNC/communist lies! And FYI, Ilhan Omar is a TRAITOR to this country and should be tried for treason and hung! And remember this, when she goes to court for her treason, it will be a military tribunal, not a farce court with a leftist judge who’ll let her go! And Thank God for That! TRUMP2020!

    • T. Hannibal Tiger says:

      Of course its real, and Ilhan Omar is going to prison. The idiot who collected the ballots was bragging about it. Others spoke about who paid for it – Omar’s main campaign staffer. I can’t wait until she is arrested for voter fraud. I believe the sentence in Minnesota is twenty years in prison. Adios Ilhan.

    • dave says:

      In today’s climate ?? Nothing is gonna happen, not to Omar or any of these thieves . they are “BLACK IMMIGRANTS” imported from SOMALIA by their hero BARACK OBAMA !Who told us it was for humanitarian reasons ??
      REALLY??? It seems to me , its all about the money , and any way they can get it weather its legal or not ? Or buying an election ?? So it looks like TRUMP was right again , but the media will just add another # onto to the twenty thousand LIES and it’ll read 20,001 lies tomorrow ??? WOW ,

  10. larry brule says:


  11. Tony says:

    These fucking criminal Muslim terrorist have infiltrated in our country our government & the disgraceful useless disgusting justice system will not arrest or deport these criminals

  12. John Hannon says:

    Whata shock !!
    I knew this POS was dirty !!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    This is outrageous! Where are they getting these ballots? So, they’re stealing ballots from the old people? How can they get away with this? These are the Muslims, the “peace loving” people and they’re cheating. someone should be stopping them and prosecuting them.