‘Whoever Breaks This Will Die’

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In an intriguing and even chilling discovery, archaeologists engaged in a dig at a site in Turkey have unearthed an exceptional and somewhat ominous artifact from the ancient Hittite Empire stating that “whoever breaks this will die.”

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This artifact, a terracotta seal, was discovered during the excavation activities at the Büklükale (Kaman-Kalehöyük) site in Turkey.

It is postulated that this seal was once the property of the Hittite royal family, reports suggest from Anatolian Archaeology, cited by The Daily Caller.

The inscription on the seal, when translated, conveys a dire warning: “Whoever breaks this will die.”

The team, under the leadership of Dr. Kimiyoshi Matsumura, made this significant find in the year 2023.

They succeeded in deciphering the cuneiform script on the seal, which revealed the startling message.

This find leads researchers to speculate about the nature of Hittite legal practices, which traditionally emphasized monetary fines over more severe forms of punishment like the death penalty or physical corporal punishment, according to insights from the same publication.

“There is cuneiform writing on this seal. On the seal, the Great King Tabarna (Sovereign King) or Tavananna (Sovereign Queen) writes ‘Whoever breaks this will die.’ These seals were usually stamped on contracts, stating that if something was done against the contract, it would be penalized. The king and queen from Hattusa sent something here. This shows that this city was in intensive relations between Hattusa and the royal family,” Dr. Matsumura explained.

Given that the seal was recovered in fragmented pieces, there is an anticipation that further impressions and examinations will, in the near future, uncover the entire statement inscribed upon it.

The Hittite Empire, which vanished over three millennia ago, appears to have met its demise quite rapidly. Recent studies indicate that a severe drought lasting a mere three years precipitated the downfall of this once-formidable civilization, an event now referred to as the Bronze Age Collapse.

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