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Why Was This Illegal Alien Free to Kill?

Time and time again, due to sanctuary laws in various California communities, illegal alien Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia was set free by jailers after being arrested for serious crimes even though there were ICE immigration detainers placed on him. Now two people are dead and Lopez-Garcia has been charged with their murders.

As reported by Breaking 911, “Two people are dead after the Santa Clara County Jail ignored a detainer lodged by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and released a dangerous criminal alien back into the community. ICE maintains cooperation with local law enforcement is essential to protecting public safety, and the agency aims to work cooperatively with local jurisdictions to ensure that criminal aliens are not released into U.S. communities to commit additional crimes. Due to these dangerous sanctuary laws, two more people lost their lives, Nov. 22., allegedly at the hands of a criminal alien and repeat felon, lives that may have been saved had multiple previous immigration detainers been honored.

“The alleged perpetrator, Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia, is a repeat immigration offender with a significant criminal history spanning back nearly 15 years that includes convictions for battery of a spouse, assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting corporal injury on a spouse, battery of an officer, and vandalism. On Nov. 22, the San Jose Police Department arrested De Jesus Lopez-Garcia for two counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, battery on a spouse or cohabitant and violation of a protective order…

“On November 22nd, 2020, at approximately 7:54 PM, Officers responded to the Grace Baptist Church on the 400 block of East San Fernando Street on a report of a stabbing. When they arrived, they located five victims suffering from at least one stab wound each. An adult male victim was declared deceased at the scene. A second adult female victim was transported to a local hospital where she succumbed to her injuries and was declared deceased.

“‘Our deepest condolences go out the victims and their families in this case,’ said David Jennings, San Francisco ICE ERO field office director. ‘Here we have catastrophic proof of the abject failure of California’s sanctuary policies. The only person this policy protected was a criminal; permitting him to reoffend over and over again. Had those immigration detainers been honored, or had ICE been notified on any of the other multiple occasions he was arrested and released from local jails, we would have taken him into custody. Regrettably, politics continues to prevail over public safety, the detainers were ignored, and De Jesus Lopez-Garcia was released to the street.'”

For more on this story, please go to Breaking 911.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Should individual local jurisdictions be allowed to enact “sanctuary laws” that allow illegal aliens charged with serious offenses to be released despite federal immigration detainers?


  1. Ed says:

    I would like to get rid of our shithead govenor

  2. Marty says:

    I do not feel sorry for anyone who lives in fagafonia they voted for the officials now they got what they wanted let them bitch we dont care

    • Actually calif got their screwed up politicians just like the USA got theirs, by the dems cheating the system. They lie, cheat, & just like mobsters, they dare anyone to question them.

  3. Susan Ifland says:

    AMERICAN, you are damn right about everything you said! I only wish someone had what it takes to get rid of these PARISITES that are called politicians and lawmakers. Demoncrats are the scum of the earth and I hope KARMA takes a huge bite out of their ass!!

  4. Eric sudduth says:

    So damn true we have a real shot at overturning the election for Trump , if this happens we have to strongly advocate for immediate deportation of most or all illegals in this country and demand a federal law that eliminates sanctuary cities!

  5. Chester says:

    The blame for these murders and dozens of others lies squarely with the people of California!. They continue to vote for and support policies of leftists and progressive Democrats that allow for illegals and lawbreakers to flourish in that state and others with sanctuary policies. The voters must look deeply into the mirror and see their own culpability

  6. Pegs says:

    I say “AN EYE FOR AN EYE”. DEATH PENALTY!!! Get this MONSTER out of our society !!!

  7. As long as there are prosecutors like Kamalla Harris, there will always be murderers and bandits like Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia, and they will always kill, kill, kill. And judges and prosecutors like Kamalla Harris will always release them so that they continued to kill. — The cycle in nature

  8. David Smith says:

    And Daddy Biden wants to make millions of illegals legal That will help our food stamp welfare social security and need for places for these wonderful killers an rapist to live in government housing and get free medical. I wish they would kill and rape politicians families and liberal families Then I bet things would change maybe rape and kill some Antifa and BLM while we defund the police so no one would interfere with them having fun. And dealing drugs and kidnapping children to sell. Congrats Democrats you got areal Bozo in office now Biden’s son can run the DEA and Child protective services especially for young girls I’ll watch this from another country as soon as I can get a vaccine and leave

  9. Don says:

    He doesn’t need deportation, he needs elimination to protect society but liberal pansies want him here to cause more devastation.

    • Morningstar says:

      You are so right! Why do these politicians continue to ignore this!? Just coming to the US ILLEGALLY is a crime that they should be charged with and then deported!

  10. Kevin Casey says:

    The Insanity continues, and as long as you protect these criminals these types of crimes will continue. Snowflakes, Get your shoit together. Your policies are DEADLY. What are your ideas when these criminals are confronting you? Ya gonna tellem yer a freakin Demolib? Wake up people! You must confront the realities!

  11. Terry Cordova says:

    Should he be killed by a family member,friend or anybody else. That person will be tossed in a blink of eye . Thats what you get by the Democrats who will be runing the country. Dont forget they hate ice


  13. barbara meints says:

    This is just the tip of the ICEBURG , with the Democrats in charge. There will be a lot more of this. They are EVIL.

  14. Shirley Wenninger says:

    The bible tells us the love of money is the root of evil. Take a look around the world money and power which brings money is destroying the world. That’s all I’ve got to say. The good lord will take care of the rest. Thank you Jesus for all you do for us. Amen

    • Jaybo says:

      Amen! JESUS is right around the corner. He is the only option! He is the only way out of this evil mess we are all now in. Watch, pray and get ready.

  15. Perhaps the officials who denied ICE’s request to hold him for pick-up should serve The perp’s sentence along with him.

    • Morningstar says:

      They should definitely be charged with being a party to the murders and te attempted murders if these people!

  16. T Beach says:

    Should file complicity to murder charges against the judge,prosecutor,Newsome,and whoever else was involved in letting him go. Should be Federal charges too since ICE is a Federal agency. That way the local judges and courts cant throw out the case.

  17. Robert Schultz says:

    The families of the slain need to file suit against the governor and whoever let this scumbag out on the streets every time they arrested him and did not allow I.C.E. to do their jobs.
    I know that it will never replace those that they loved, but the only way to hurt a leftist commie is to take their lifesblood…… money

  18. Orange peel says:

    Because there is too many corrupt judges who are payoff. Just how do these judges sit there and go against the law and let criminals walk away free? How can the get these Unamerican judges off the bench? California, you are a hell hole. Governor is a tool for Nancy Pelosi. Congrats to all you losers who keep voting for these traitors in.

    • Karen says:

      That is why I think the Pacific is going to swallow up California entirely . California is rotten to the core. Sorry for the good folks who don’t dare to defend themselves against the DemocRats boot on their neck. How can it be that California with that unbelievable tax income is so indebted that you are practically bankrupt??? Wake up – stop licking the hands that hits you with the tax whip!

  19. sue says:

    Get rid of that POS governor, Newsom, get a REAL man!!! Stand up to Pelosi as well, evil n corrupt come in many forms!!