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Will Biden Lock Down the Country?

One of the big questions that will be asked if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris become President and Vice President is, how will they deal with the pandemic? Will they continue the policies of President Donald Trump? Or, will they change course? Well, before the ballot counting is even over, we may have just gotten a look at what a Biden/Harris administration might do – namely, place the country in a four- to six-week lockdown.

A member of President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force said Wednesday that the US could manage the pandemic by enforcing an extended economic lockdown with the government compensating workers for lost wages,” according to the New York Post.

Dr. Michael Osterholm floated the idea in an interview with Yahoo Finance, explaining that a four- to six-week shutdown of small to medium businesses could drive down infection numbers.

“Osterholm said the federal government is in a prime position to use borrowed money to pay for such a lockdown package…

“‘We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers, for losses to small companies to medium-sized companies,’ and losses to lower levels of government, Osterholm said.

Watch Osterholm on this video (there may be a short ad first) and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page. Would you support a four- to six-week lockdown of the United States because of COVID-19?


  1. John says:

    if the country gets locked down again, it will collapse.

  2. Wayne O. Witter says:

    We did not sweat, bleed & lose limbs in VN for this kind of world; “leadership”; or fraud!! I wear a mask when I go out out of respect for my fellow citizens BUT I WILL NOT STAY LOCKED UP IN MY HOME AGAIN NOR WEAR A MASK EXCEPT IN STORES FOR THE REASON ABOVE. My wife cannot drive or walk well due to bad back surgery at Emory University two years ago & I will shop for her & take her to the doctor when needed & just try to stop me…………………I am 82 yrs old, but I can still put one thru an eye at 500yds!! The Marine Corps trains us well & we carry the skills as well as our taking our Oath seriously until our heading on the final flight West, unlike MOST POLITICIANS!! Standing by…..

    Semper Fidelis, Stay Safe,

    Wayne O. Witter

  3. Jeanette Castle says:

    Please unsubscribe me

  4. Jeanette says:

    Yay! The voice of reason.

  5. Mike says:

    Ahhhhhh nope not going to happen!!!

  6. Diane Lebeau says:

    No I don’t. The first shut down’s goal was to give the country time to prepare hospitals, secure more hospital space and convert manufacturing companies to produce items this country needed. So the goal of the next shut down is WHAT? If we knew this fall was going to be bad, why did Chicago stop progress on converting McCormick place into a hospital. If you knew this, why? You can’t disguise stupid.

  7. phillip steen says:

    Joe Biden has never had a thought of his own, except when he grasped every opportunity to enrich himself at the expense of all American taxpayers, be they Democrat or Republican. Biden could not have cared less, he has been an “equal opportunity” denizen of the DC swamp.

  8. Steve says:

    Where are they going to borrow the money?

    • Eric Kidder says:

      Isn’t the deficit large enough for them already? If you dstroy the economy then the benificent government can come in and control everything and build us back to utopia!

    • robert wadman says:

      think hard and think hard how about taking your savings acct.start to read behind the lines for me i’m taking my money out before they grab it they’ll tell you were only borrowing it you will get it back now think back to social security we are still waiting to get it back

    • Grace says:

      They never ‘borrow’ money they asses the citizens. That’s why our social Security fund is loaded with I.O.U.’s courtesy of the give away programs doled out by the left to pay for future votes. And why the stolen funds will never be returned to the SS Fund. Democrats consider out taxes a gift. Not forimprovements, healthcare or education, unless you are an illegal or a welfare dependent.

      • Ray Leigh says:

        The demoNrats have taken money from the SS since DAY 1. They have NEVER intended to repay it. Then THEY say SS will be BANKRUPT by such and such year. That is the IMPORTANCE of voting OUT ALL of them just as we possibly can.

    • Ray Leigh says:

      The demoNrats have taken money from the SS since DAY 1. They have a LOT of ‘pet projects’ they ‘NEED’ to fund. They have NEVER intended to repay it. Then THEY say SS will be BANKRUPT by such and such year. That is the IMPORTANCE of voting OUT ALL of them just as we possibly can.

  9. David Smith says:

    Corri Sorry for your lose of life. This Virus has claimed far to many people and not just old people we are talking healthy young people and yes children If lockdown saved a child I would have to agree with you Good luck I will say a prayer for you and your family

  10. Marty DeDecker says:

    No, I will not do anything these morons prescribe. They don’t care about all us “deplorables”. They want to just cripple us all and make us 100% dependent on the government for everything. And the elite few democrats at the top will live like kings on our poverty.
    Hell NO!

    Besides, Trump will prevail once all this voter and election fraud is revealed to all.

  11. Don says:

    Biden can GTH.

  12. David Smith says:

    LOL The new presidents name is not Joe Biden it is Hillary Bill Obama Pelosi Harris AOC And a crack head pedophile named Hunter Long name for a President Mr. Joe Biden will be lost for years looking for the bathroom to change his depends White house is a big place LOL Dr. Browning you have more intelligence than I ho long can the body go with a fever 72 hours seems like a long time to me.???

  13. Corri says:

    I will consider this as an option. If it will “cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers, for losses to small companies to medium-sized companies” as they are suggesting, then I certainly would be willing. My business and employees would be covered. And it would be a minor inconvenience to have small businesses closed for a few weeks in order to get the virus under control. If you have lost loved ones, as I have, in this pandemic, this is definitely something that can save other people I know from dying.

    • Bobby says:

      Are you willing to pay for this? If so with what dumbass, lockdown means jobs lost fool. Are you not taxed enough? Get your head out and learn the truth about the thieving, lying, democrats.MORON!!!

      • Kay says:

        Maybe you will die from it and we will have one less filthy
        lying PUSSY GRABBER repub to deal with. You deserve your miserable life.

        • Ram3500 says:

          Kay what was Biden accused of by an intern? Not grabbing but FINGERING HMMMMMM! Genius

          • Kay says:

            An accusation is one thing and should be investigated thoroughly, but the PUSSY GRABBER used his own words – hence the name PUSY GRABBER. Just admit he is a verified sexual predator.

        • Mike says:

          Wow Kay you got some anger issues!!!! Try to put a coherent thought together please, if not, kindly step away from your keypad.

  14. wilbur says:

    another dumb ass educator with his hand up his tookus

  15. Marianne says:

    I will not take anything this idiot an her pet biden wants us to….do not trust the biden crime family an friendd

  16. Kellie Smith says:

    Would I comply … NO. But will we be made to … YOU CAN COUNT ON IT

  17. rosa says:

    No, definitely not you’re not the president anyways.hopefully,never will be.even if you become president you never will be my president. You need to be in a nursing home you have dementia or something your not fit to run this country. Go home and do the country a favor.

    • Edmund says:

      SCAMDEMIC !!! Why are we at Carrier Dome & those building Cali..SOFI arena made ” essential”???
      Gov Clowno & King Newsomes cashcows!!!$$$
      All for power& control of the SHEEP!!!!

  18. Kellie Smith says:

    Have you not heard – there’s already another strain of covid 19. It was found at a mink farm in Switzerland. They originally said they were going to kill them all. Now … NOT! You all need to do research on covid vaccine. You do not want to take it.
    1. The metals put in it … 5G will
    Be able to trace you what you are
    Doing see who you are talking to etc
    2. Bill and wife got patent on it
    Called Lucifervace. (Is the mark of
    The beast? No, the rapture of the
    Church will take place, then 3 1\2
    Years later the mark will come.
    3. I feel the vaccine will be
    Mandatory because when you take
    It, your hand will be stamped
    And can then be seen under a
    UV light. Let’s hope masks will
    Still be acceptable !!!

    • – very logical comment.
      God-given tools to the human body, ie FEVER, for up to 72 hrs, kills Covid19 and all other virus. Health is restored AND immunity is established. Nor is the blood polluted with harmful residue that a “shot” deposits DocBrowning

  19. Ann says:

    Absolutely not!!!! God willing, Biden will NOT be President!!!!

  20. Johnny says:

    all hail king biden-NOT!!!! -will blm be biden stormtroopers . we the faithful must band together help one another in times of trouble make plans to help defend our family friends and love ones we do not have to be run over or even worse by the mobs of rioters looters do not fear those , but be ready to defend them that would that way of life it would be better to die with your boots on than bow to TYRANNY I’m not saying go start trouble but be ready to knock it down . we do not have to take it .

  21. Charles Kerss says:

    We need to do the entire national vote over, with US Marshals stationed at
    every voting station to ensure fair elections. I will never submit to, or
    adhere to what may be an actual unfair, unclean election. The socialist/communist in this country need to be expelled and expunged from American society. We need to get the Real history books, with our actual American history being taught in our schools and STOP the Extreme left from our society once and for all. Comrade Sanders, and his cohorts, the squad have to be turned out. Let them leave our shores forever. If not, China will own this country and never have to fire a shot.

  22. Bob says:

    NO. I voted for a president and it sure was not Biden. He already wants to act like a socialist dictator.

  23. Paul Stansell says:

    Joe and his hoe ain’t worth the DOE that the Dumbo rats spent to get his dumb ass in there vote Trump or go to hell home

    • Kay says:

      Biden won and your PUSSY GRABBER fat ass list, along with all of you repulsive repub whores. Get your sorry asses out of this beautiful country and pack yourselves off to Russia. Sure Putin can deal with a few more brain washed deplorables. Who’s your daddy?

      • Bobby says:

        Hey Kay FOAD, you ass licking turd! Democrats planned this presidential theft in 2016, and Hillary is your MAMMA DIRT BAG

        • Kay says:

          Damn straight she’s my momma. You are a loser who can’t get his head out of the PUSSER GRABBER’’S ass.
          Must smell real sweet to you. We won – you lost so shut the fuck up

  24. John says:

    I am not going to take the orders of a faux president.

    • Kay says:

      Yes you will and you will put a happy face on while you do.

      • Margi says:

        No. I may be forced to comply, but I will never pretend to be happy about it. I’m going to treat YOUR President the same way you all treated MINE!! You do know you just tried to elect a dictator don’t you? If Dementia Joe gets into office, there will never be another election! Not unless it’s a sham election rigged well in advance like the one we just had! You poor steeple have no idea what you voted for! But you will find out and wish to high Heaven you had voted for Trump!!

  25. Edith says:

    Absolutely NOT!

  26. Charles E. Cravens says:

    I will not comply. They can go to HELL.

  27. Kathleen says:

    No I would not comply. Our children need to be back in school and socializing. We cannot continue to lock up. Social distance and masks when around others. No more.

    • Kay says:

      Kids are back in school. If your stupid repub officials didn’t follow good practices, that’s on all of you. Stop your complaining- no one cares

  28. Marla Kimsey says:

    Biden will never be my president. It wasnt Conservatives looting and burning and demoralizing police all summer. We are a third world country with the top three spots filled by Biden. Harris. and Pelosi.

    • Kay says:

      Not Democrats, but your candy ass white proud boys. You are a third world citizen because you have your head shoved so far up the PUSSY GRABBER’S fat ass that you can’t think for yourself. You LOST!

  29. Annrace says:


  30. S. Beene says:

    Looks like the “hell no’s” are leading. I’m with them!

  31. Kristy says:

    No I will not comply. They are destroying this country with shut downs. The mandatory mask rule is ludicrous. Furthermore most of the masks in the US are made in China. Do I feel safe putting a mask on my face that was made in China. Anything mandatory Biden /dems try to force on me, i will resist (that includes vaccine – they can shut that right up their a**es). I don’t need the government to hold my hand.

    • Kellie Smith says:

      Please read my reply about the vaccine and DO NOT TAKE IT. BUT PLEASE SHARE IT.

    • Kay says:

      Stay in your hole so you don’t infect the rest of us that are doing the right things. I hope you get it. Your fever raged to 105 degrees and you spend the rest of your lousy like on a ventilator.

  32. Richard Baxter says:

    Greatest “hoax” ever perpetrated on the American public!!

  33. Stephen says:

    I agreed to be governed. I will forever REFUSE to be ruled!! OldMan Biden is a Totalitarian. He doesn’t even bother to ask Congress. ChinaJoe is a Maoist.

  34. Kirtland Belz says:

    NO !

  35. Voldemort says:

    China joe will never be president. If he installed it will be fake. I will resist.

  36. Mark Johnston says:

    You got to be kidding me I do not and will not listen to assholes!!!

  37. Shirley says:

    No way. Trump 2020

  38. Dr. Nolan says:

    Well you morons voted for the dumb ass, the ones who vote for the two jerks wear a mask shut down your business and let the rest of keep trying, Why don’t the elected ones either do their job or give up their pay checks until it is over. Maybe Num Nuts Nancy will not be able to eat her ice cream. The Democrat’s are good for gun sales, and PO people.

  39. Jeff Fleischer says:

    I will reject anything that Biden and Harris try to do. Not my President!
    Think about who would be running the Country with them; Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ocasio Cortez, Adam “Shifty Pencil neck” Shift, Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Rashida Tlaib, Keith Ellison, CNN, MSNBC and any other of the nut cases they can scrape from the bottom of their Socialist barrel. They all make me sick.

  40. Don says:

    Stopping the spread of Covid is a ridiculous effort has been scientifically proven. There are only three steps that must be taken to save lives.

    1. Protect those elderly and at risk people in every way possible.

    2. Continue Operation Warp Speed to develop an effective vaccine.

    3. Most importantly Warp Speed all efforts to find additional therapeutics.

    We now know that the vast majority of people who contract Covid either don’t know they have it or have mild symptoms. Also, people under the age of 70 and without pre-existing conditions who contract Covid have a much smaller chance of dying from it than they do with the annual flu. So stop the fear mongering, place resources where they are needed most and open the country!

    • Phyllis Frank says:


    • gloria says:

      we dont need a vaccine we do need immune support liposomal vit. c, zinc w/ green tea extract or EGCG,or quercetin, vit d, sambucous, garlic, & gargle w/peroxide & water for 5-30 seconds. etc. gargle is great. of course all other therauputics
      would be wise. no country shut down like italy its back full force. sweden never\ shut down except high school and college and no more than 50 people. they did not protect the elderly. flattened curve by july. need to check their status
      japan, south kor. did not shut down. so dont let kam and biden shut you down

  41. Steve A Townsend says:

    No, if, and until when Biden and his whore destroy the constitution and escort this country into medieval times, this is still a free country and we the people still have rights. I am a grown man and I know how to take care of myself. I do not need some rattled headed puppet telling me how to live my life.

    • Kay says:

      We don’t care about you fuck head,we don’t want to catch whatever you are spreading. All you morons who refuse to practice safe health habits should have your asses thrown in jail. You suck losers

  42. Louise says:

    Are you all stupid idiots lock down is essential because of people like you!

  43. Lynne says:

    The masks are not working I don’t wear them now and I won’t wear them if the cheating democrats tell me to Trump will prevail if this fraudulent voting is not stopped this time I will never vote again what’s the point if big tech ,media and the swamp rats pick who they choose we the people will never have a voice again

  44. ee says:

    NO!!!!………Trump is the only president that I will trust……..biden & harris are nothing more than TRASH…………….

    • Carol says:

      Closing down the country is hurting every business & people working. Biden says he will pay them,can you tell me where he’s getting the money? From us, our taxes will be unbelievable. We absolutely will not agree to anything Biden does, because it’s all bad

  45. Terrie says:

    More staying home? I have lost my job because I can’t wear a mask.I have been home since March! I am extremely stressed, sick of this bull crap, I will be out on the streets if US bank has anything to say because I won’t be able to pay my bills after Christmas! Really sick of all of this!
    Biden isn’t a good elect! Now we’re all going to suffer for it!

  46. Virgil I. Carter says:

    biden is not my President and I won’t obey any orders given by him.

  47. kathy says:

    NO – hasn’t worked in the past. sure won’t work for loonies. so much for a PLAN he claimed to have. Lie, cry more !!!!
    I don’t know a single person that has had corvic now or in the past.

  48. Honest says:

    Has Harris rubbed the hair on your legs yet and another question………. Have You kept your fingers clean???!

  49. Brenda says:

    No I wouldnt and nobody should. That kind of a shutdown would be even more of a devastation than what we all have had to endure. Biden and harris along with the rest of the dems supporting this are IDIOTS. How are the people suppose to save their buisnesses, homes, etc. They just need Trump in the White House, a true American President, not a damn cheating dem thats still trying to pull his head out of his ass.

  50. Charles says:

    Biden is an idiot. He is not my president either. He can take his lockdown and shove it up his ass.

  51. Evelyn Hyde says:

    Republicans that support President Trump are not stupid. We know what to do and how to do it to stay safe. We don’t need a lockdown to control the American people. We need common sense of President Trump and Vice President Pence. We are a republican democracy- not a socialist 3rd world county. Republicans do not need to cheat to win. We rely upon our God. He is in control of all situations.

  52. Aaron Garcia says:

    Put all democrats in prison for being liars,thiefs such assholes.

  53. Michael Rollo says:

    no, not a chance

  54. Honest says:

    Kiss off Joe BLOW

  55. Evelyn Hyde says:

    Will not support a lockdown!!!!!!

  56. Michael says:

    No,not going to do any good will not comply anything commie joe and Kamala say nothing but a bunch of thieves and crooks,never b my president

  57. Joseph Shannon Kaiser. says:

    hell no

  58. Judy says:

    No , will not comply with Biden/Harris

  59. Cheyenne Delamater says:

    F*** Joe Biden that communist bastard.

  60. Did Lincoln and Kennedy survive the head shots?

    • Kay says:

      Oh my Georgie Porgey – you sound threatening. Better watch your back punk, the secret service might come knocking on your door. You have no balls or brains so maybe what you need is a mandatory stay in a mental institution. All you are is the PUSSY GRABBER’S little bitch who wants to sound macho. What a pathetic joke you are. We are laughing at you.

  61. donna McNeilll says:


  62. Marjorie D Williams says:

    yes, of course, any half way smart person would.

  63. Pat High says:

    Hell no.

  64. Tom says:

    Not just NO BUT HELL NO.

  65. Marilyn says:

    He will never be my president and neither will giggly Harris!!!!!!

  66. Joan Shipley says:

    To me biden is a jerk him and the rest of the politicans are rich they dont care about is he stinks

  67. Wanda says:

    NO already was a lock down and didn’t help loss of jobs and businesses closed especially small businesses Biden will never be a good president for the American people he didn’t know what running for Senator or president !!!

  68. David says:

    President Trump has it right. Important to let this pandemic run it’s course. Shutting down the US economy again will push the Nation into a full blown depression. (Remember… Chemical, Biological, Germ are forms of warfare).

  69. Mac says:

    Hell NO I will not comply!!!

  70. tim says:

    no way joe

  71. Vickie Edmondson says:

    When He’ll Freezes Over!

  72. DeitzNuts says:

    Fu$#, fu%$, [email protected]#, NO,NO,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Barbara Rogers says:

    Yeah I will follow whatever he orders. We will all die if we don’t and I would like one day to be able to see family members again.

  74. I would not comply, first off. Second this would accomplish nothing to stop the virus, but would just add to the lose of jobs and ruin the USA even more, than the democrats have done already.

  75. Dave Fleming says:

    We will definitely no comply. enough is enough. we are even leaving the country for the Christmas and New Years holidays to get away from this crap.

  76. MICHAEL says:

    Biden can kiss my ass

  77. jason says:

    What he’s not my president

  78. DazzleMe says:

    Not no but hell no!

  79. C L says:

    Absolutely not!!

  80. George Blackshear, III says:

    Hell No

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