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Will There Be Bloodshed?

The 20,000 National Guard troops preparing for pro-Trump demonstrations this weekend in the nation’s capital will be armed and permitted to use lethal force, the headquarters overseeing them says, marking a striking escalation in the way authorities there are preparing for repeat violence after last week’s deadly mob,” according to usnews.com. [emphasis added]

“‘On January 12, 2021, National Guardsmen were given authorization to be armed in support of the U.S. Capitol Police to protect the U.S. Capitol and individual members of Congress and their staff,’ according to a statement from the D.C. National Guard, which is commanding Guard forces in the city, including units deployed from six other states, to provide security for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.

“A defense official confirmed the authorization includes permission for Guard troops to use lethal force. [emphasis added]

“The request came from federal authorities and was approved by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy – who oversees D.C. Guard deployments since the District is not a state – indicating it was not a request from the local government.”

For more on this story, please go to usnews.com.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe there will be violence at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Why or why not?


  1. Jerry Powers says:

    I am a true Republican that believes in Freedom and the Constitution and all it
    stands for. I had my hope destroyed in the United States reaming a free country
    because people worship money instead of God and our government doesn’t have the
    courage to stand up for what the Constitution stands for our government is so
    corrupt. I saw this coming and now we will pay a high price for our government
    being so corrupt. I could not understand why Mike Pence did not contest the votes I thought maybe he had been threatened by the Democrats or the CCP or he
    had been bought out by the CCP or Democrats. I wish someone would me why Pence did what he did because i have him labeled a traitor to the U.S. i hope someone will clear this up for me.

    • Loretta says:

      Amen. I can’t answer you about Pence, but I think it’s hilarious that the Capitol Police & Mayor asked Trump to supply the N.G. then authorized lethal force for an inauguration that after Christmas Biden announced would be virtual due to Covid. If it’s virtual there’s no one present so you’d think the Capitol Police and the Democrats could handle that. President Trump even told people to stay away from ALL the capitols so they would stay safe.

  2. Lezly says:

    Democraps are hateful,power mongers, delusional maggots that for 4 years they wanted TRUMP gone. They lie about everything.KARMA is coming. Watch for it.

  3. Joan Squitieri says:

    I’ve been an INDEPENDENT voter my entire life, having voted for Democrats & Republicans over the years, whomever I believed was the best candidate for the job at that time, but I have witnessed a deterioration of ethics & morals within the Democratic Party enough to know that today’s Democrats are not the Party of John F. Kennedy. That prince of a man must be spinning in his grave at what he sees in his party today. The only decent & GOD fearing member of that party today is Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. I’ve watched him & listened to him & I wish he’d change parties; He doesn’t belong among the rest of the Dems.

  4. Fred says:

    However, when nobody shows up, they will say the reason was because of all the soldiers that were there, when actually nobody was coming in the first place!

  5. Fred says:

    BTW If the Trump supporters WERE going to do something they would most likely be there already! Do they see thousands of people anyware?? I believe its all BULLSHIT to make it seem like “OMG thousands of bad Trumpers are coming call the National Guard please please OMG help help”

  6. Fred says:

    I think they are going to be disappointed, I don’t believe anyones going to show up but BLM and ANTIFA. I just hope they don’t pretend they are Trump supporters!
    The actual start of the REAL coup was on election day and they are now doing it right in front of our eyes! I just can’t believe that half the country does not see it! Their plan is REAL get a group of MARXIST thugs to start shit and attack their enemies (BLM/ANTIFA) , Let them build up their strength ALL SUMMER!Have all the news media report lies night after night giving false narratives, Remove all true history of our country. Rig the election, Let half the country know that they are racists and they don’t count, take away freedom of speech, Have Drug companies hold back their vaccine success until after the election, the fake news hold off Joes/Hunter story until after the election, Governors learn about how bad lockdowns are AFTER the election, RIGGED election, New Socialist President (Joe) adding BIG TECH employees to his administration, Take away 1st amendment, Take away 2nd amendment, lock down the country so all small businesses close and unemployment rises, open the Boarders letting millions of illegals in creating MORE unemployment. Have the people rely on the government to feed them and give them healthcare AND VIOLA we are now a Socialist country!

  7. Ken Barkdoll says:

    I think the best tactic would be for everyone to stay home and show no support for the communist regime . Just the way I see it . Let antifa , BLM and the democrats show their true colors

  8. Roger says:

    I have only one thing I wish to focus on, and that is the men and women who are in the guard and who might be full-on military personnel. You better think real hard about what you have been authorized to do, being given the order to fire upon American citizens will be the worst mistake you could ever make. Especially if you kill citizens who are exercising their right to peacefully protest, and their right to freedom of speech. You took an oath to uphold the constitution, not to follow unlawful orders. So it would be best to exercise your duty to strip command from a deranged ranking officer who has ordered you to shoot citizens than to do the unthinkable. You all know full and well that Biden does not deserve to be put into office, you know it deep down in your hearts and souls. So don’t be misguided, don’t allow the evil Democratic party to make you murderers. If you do anything, turn your weapons upon them and demand that they stand down and put an end to this falsehood, the massive lie, the complete disgrace and disrespect of our constitution.

    • Linda Koenig says:

      Amen, I totally agree.

    • Dee says:

      I thought we wanted no harm just freedom of our opinions
      Think about it…. there were NO shootings by protesters…..
      our voice was heard
      After all of the demonstration was the First time we ever heard from Democratic party that this is the peoples country
      Before that it was their country and it was said we the people are NOT in charge of the people in the goverment that are to be working for our Country
      Now you ask if there will be blood shed?????I ask you ?????
      Because if your in a fight to protect your self how ever you can so think about it

      • Dee says:

        Our Country is our Country
        Our men and women have fought to protect our Freedoms
        Police national guards and all Service men and women are not stupid
        They are AMERICAN 🇺🇸
        I trust in them to make their own choices
        God be with us all

        • Fred says:

          Again, the Army has a code of conduct. Not sure if any National Guard will know it or not. I would hope so. Anyways, The Army’s Code Of Conduct starts out “I am an American Fighting Man I will guard it’s people and their way of life” Not the exact words but It’s been 35 years since I was in!

    • Rebecca Goede says:

      I also agree with you totally. This is almost like marshall law. Wait until they come after our guns. If they think they saw trouble, it hasn’t even begun.

    • Kiki Jones says:

      You are so infected by tRumps psychosis that it has blinded you. NO EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD! Get it through your mind, because Biden is a president for ALL Americans, even people like you who are deluded by his lies. He wants to be a dictator, not in America!

    • Fred says:

      Americans Soldiers won’t (i hope) kill their own people, their friends, Relatives, Neighbors etc. This is not Syria! I was in the Army for 8 years! The Army has a Code Of Conduct and it starts like this” I am an American fighting man, I will defend my country and it’s way of life” NOT some socialist ASSHOLES trying to take over OUR country.

  9. Holly Rose says:

    Why on earth is the military there? Why are they armed? What are they expecting? Sounds like a dictatorship forming in trump. What are we in for?

    • They are there to kill Trump supporters !

    • dementiajoe says:

      Were you born an asshole or just become one? Conservatives know this. The National Guard was ordered by the dog that runs DC to incite violence. We don’t need another Kent State 5/4/70 for the SUB90 IQ TROLLS HERE. REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD. The Tree of Liberty can wait to be satisfied.

  10. jkryanspark says:

    Of course there will be more violence. Trump has led a movement of incompetent emotionally stunted children turned degenerate adults with a bloodlust that equals his own. The right wing brain is a violent brain. It’s a black & white, see no nuance brain, connected in its evolutionary purpose to survival. It’s a brain that no longer serves a purpose. If you have such a brain, lobotomy is urged. Fuck all you Trump sucking lowlifes. Your time is long past.

    • Michael Mier says:


    • W says:

      Just a little curious, where the hell was your outrage when that scumbag Maxine Waters and other congressional members promoted violence against Trump cabinet members? Where was your indignation when the crybabies of the demoscum party rioted, looted, vandalized and assaulted in DC when Trump was inaugurated? Where is your disgust for the relentless violence and harassment antifa has committed for the last four years and continues to do so? Where was your disdain when Black Liars Matter rioted, looted minority owned businesses, assaulted and murdered innocent people all in the name of a career criminal? In order to justify your IGNORANT position, you berate and demean those that didn’t become the useful idiot lemming you obviously are.

      As an independent voter, I have voted for democrats, republicans and even independents because, each time, I felt they were the best candidate. Your ASSumptions are pathetic and you need to shut your brainwashed pie hole or have them filled up again with the excrement of your demigods. Pay attention fool, there were over 70 MILLION citizens who voted FOR Trump and they are not going away. They are tired of your constant four year tantrums and most likely feel it’s time for you to get a good dose of payback. Now sit back and take it like the bitch you are.

      • Victoria says:

        So well stated,three cheers for you and all true American patriots. Give me librity ot give me death..does anyone want to live in a socialist- cummonist-niazi country? Well do we? Down with BLM and pelosi’s squard. Remove them from their seats in the people’s house, by shame or votes! Wake up American citizens, big brother has arrived on the beast called socialism. Do we want to be in an endless state of cancel caulture lock down and have our libities striped from us? Give a battle shout, don’t tread on me,aka, America🇺🇸😠! This means you Nancy and your band of she devils, your color is yellow, not white. Get the hell out of the people’s capital and America!

      • Dementia Joe says:

        Kudos my Friend

    • Val Hicks says:

      Jerkryan, Another Liberal dumbass keyboard warrior, you were probably one of the crying bitches after Hillary couldn’t pull it off, so I guess the liberal army Antifa are peaceful bunch that prey on the week and make sure they out number their opposition, Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

    • annie says:

      so sad , you have been brainwashed by cnn and main stream media and you don’t even know it. you need to wake up and research ALL the facts from various sources. To all the hateful liberals ” you get what you deserve” a government with total control over everything you do and nothing you can do or even say about it. WATCH OUT

    • Jeff says:

      My only reply to the dems.
      Get out from behind your momma’s panties and bring you BLM, Antifa pieces of shit to my front yard. Please

    • Jeff says:

      My only reply to the dems.
      Get out from behind your momma’s panties and bring you BLM, Antifa pieces of shit to my front yard. Please

    • John says:

      Stick your head back up biden/Harris ass and keep on licking you scumbag un-American asshole.

    • John says:

      You must be the byproduct of a biden,harris,polosie embryo transplant that went bad.

    • Lynda Taylor-Windsor says:

      Bless your little heart. Having a bad day?

    • Way to go,cupcake! Show everyone just who and what you are made of,a runny,worm-infested pile of dog feces! All talk and no action! If you want to defuse a volatile situation the last thing you need to do is use tire and over-used bull###t rhetoric. Rein in your macho man bs and BE A MAN!! Use actual facts to make a point,not the same old political chatter!

    • Roger says:

      If the national guard uses lethal force against American citizens all for the sake of putting a fucking criminal into the office of the Presidency, then things are going to get real crazy from that point on. There will not be a safe place for any Democrat to be out in public. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Nadler, Shiff, all of them will be targets. This is just my opinion but I think I am 100% correct in saying this. The Democrats have stepped into a situation I feel they did think ahead on or consider the fallout that I am sure is going to occur.

    • Your the low life you must be related to the swamp creatures.How many times has Republican burned down buildings beat people up and even killed people.Your the low life maybe you are to move to CHINA to.

    • Ed says:

      WOW, you sound like a real ignorant jackass. You are brainwashed by the Pelosi/Democrat bulls–t. Why don’t you wake up and see that Socialism is NOT something the American people want. I, along with hundreds of thousands of TRUE Americans, took an oath to protect the constitution, and by GOD, that is what I plan to do. Sounds like you won’t do the same.

    • Dementia Joe says:

      Go back to titter troll

    • Kiki Jones says:

      Thank you! Finally someone on here who isn’t blinded by tRumps bullshit! He has nothing but lies to tell you people! What will it take for you to see that the Democrats are for the people, much more so, tRump is only for himself. The military will protect our leaders if they must. They can have their say, but when they start breaking windows and doors to get in to threaten our congress they become domestic terrorists, not just rioters.

      • Dementia Joe says:


      • Kim L Lepley says:

        You are the one that is brain washed my friend.I don’t think all this shit about what My President Trump and his team dug up on the Democraps doesn’t have some merit to the Facts.I truly believe in MAGA and Sleeping Joe Biden is not my President. And he will never be my president. America as we know it will be flushed down the toilet. President Trump made this country great again and now look what the Democraps are doing is just destroying our country with their hate and violence of the American People and the Republican Party.

    • KeithC says:

      jkryanspark, you ape the same patterns that your political predecessors set: avoid issues, demonize your enemies (civilized people call them “opponents”), deflect facts, tell big lies, present your self serving positions as altruism and your opponent’s as hateful, accuse your opponents of whatever evils fill your plans, convince your your audience that they are disenfranchised victims of some strawman caricature “conservative”, call your opponents names and use short, educated-sounding words from freshman poli-sci class that they can use in their rants even though they aren’t quite sure what they mean, and substitute emotion for debate through and through. Now that’s why you dumb-down the education that’s infused with anti-American propaganda, instead of teaching actual history and critical thinking with your BS prop’ as examples of manipulation, distortion, and persuasive falsehood. You may not know what you’re doing, but we do and we’re saying enough is enough.

    • Benny says:

      You end your hate-filled screed, “Your time is long past.” Newsflash: your time was long past with the Revolutionary War. You American “progressives” and “liberals” don’t realize it, but you are all arch-conservatives longing for the good old days when you had a king to issue decrees and freedom of speech meant we could say whatever the government said we can say … or be hanged by the neck until dead. The American Conservative is, in fact, the always fresh counterculturist, demanding such standards as equality under the law, the absolute rule of law, ownership of private property, advancement based on merit alone, that rights ate inherent in being human rather than granted or modified as the government finds most useful, that the Constitution is the rule book and the reference documentation of what this republic is and is not, that the government derives its authority from the consent of the governed, and that our Constitution and freedoms are suited only “for a religious” and educated people. (Don’t get all enraged about that “religious people” part: those were James Madison’s words in the “Federalist Papers” and if you want to protest its truth just go pick a fight with the meanest, biggest guy in your local biker bar, get the shit kicked out of you, and ponder whether a religious, conservative, HS graduate might have handled your insults differently.) No, with guys like you stoking the left-wing’s lust for power their archaic, early industrial revolution political thinking, their clueless misunderstanding of power, and their desperation to please and appease everyone except those whose politics are more advanced than their own, they move America farther and farther away from the radically free nation that millions flee to and closer and closer to the oppressive, corrupt, economically broken, authoritarian nations that they were trying to escape.

    • FRed says:

      Screw you asshole, I hope your the first one they shove into the showers! You are one dumbass fuckhead. Can’t you even see what is going on right in front of you brainless fucking head? They are doing it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! You got to be able to see whats going on! 2+2=4 not 3, no matter what they tell you. I bet you watch the communist anti American scripted shit heads on CNN. 40 years ago we would have NEVER allowed anyone who was dealing with the Chinese (CCP) Even IF it was just his son, to run for President! NONE of the asshole BLM/ANTIFA would have been allowed to burn cities for months while Mayors, Governors, Senators, Representatives sat back and watched, Republican OR Democrat. Now we have a Vice President who threatens half the country!

  11. Sam B. says:

    There better not b any violence of ANY kind in our nations capital. No matter your political beliefs etc etc ALL THIS BS MUST END! ENOUGH! No more violence anywhere in the country!!!! Again..ENOUGH!!!
    If our politicians like Cori Bush of Missouri(& others) would *STOP* with all the divisive messages & name calling…as well as the divisive messages & name callings of news networks like CNN & Don Lemon……the temperature of “We The People” would b sooo much less. Having open conversations & respecting views…even if we agree to disagree..is healthy! Talking out our issues WITHOUT all the grade school divisive name calling that turns up the temperature with “We The People” that leads to violence.. is the way to go.
    I certainly hope & don’t believe there will b serious issues or violence on Inauguration Day. I certainly hope & believe the bs that happened January 6th won’t happen again…at least by true Patriots of our country..what a sad embarrassment that was. All the anarchy of the past 8 months has been horrific! Enough of all the bs!

    • M says:

      What about the hate and violence committed over the last four years against Trump, his administration and his supporters? What about the constant lies, half truths, and hate speech they spewed with impunity? What is truly disgraceful is the pathetic behavior committed by the demomaggots and their minions these last four years. And now you want “unity” from those who ACTUALLY peacefully stood by during your tantrums? How about you want in one hand, sh!t in the other and see which one fills up first!

    • John says:

      True patriots don’t do what happened in this country. They stand up and fight for everyone’s rights regardless of color. To bad everyone doesn’t see it that way.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Well said Sam. All the violence, name calling & negative divisive propaganda that’s been go’n on for such a long time has got to end. The radical socialist left hacks who r backed & supported by the corrupt news networks cause so much unrest which is pathetic. It’s so blatantly clear these folks want nothing more than to poor gas on the fire & spew out more propaganda like these lowlifes have done the past 4 yrs. Now that unfortunately our president is leaving office for 4 yrs…what r the socialist & corrupt media gunna do now? They can’t bitch, moan & complain about Trump anymore! And for the media mob & political hacks to call all of us patriotic Trump supporters domestic terrorists is pathetic. I’m sure they meant ALL the rioters anarchists that have destroyed cities, homes, vehicles, statues, businesses & looting the past 8 MONTHS!

      • Fred says:

        Now they will work on their Socialist Programming of the country!
        Lockdown business so they go under and allow big box stores and Amazone to reap the benefits, allowing high unemployment nationwide. Open the boarder’s allowing millions of Illegals in causing more unemployment. Then the government will have to support the people with food, healthcare, Schools teaching socialist agenda. We will then be a Socialist country. In North Korea there are the elite rich and the starving poor that relies on handouts (From other country’s). Socialism has NEVER worked EVER, it can’t. People need to work and get paid to pay taxes that support the government to make programs and laws for the people. There is nothing to sustain anything with! It just does not work!

  12. Ken Barkdoll says:

    Amazing BLM can get away with burning and looting , but anyone that doesn`t think like the democrats will be shot . Going to be a rough 2 years for republicans . I sure hope some of the rhinos wake up and get some spine before it is to late .

    • Carl lipkind says:

      The FBI knows about Pelosi storm troopers and blm. Burning cities.the foolish white people who are backing this revolt will pay a terrible price for this revolt

  13. Mary Angeline Bell says:

    All I can say is, anyone of any political stripe who comes to Washington DC on inauguration day (or any other day) had better behave himself or herself. This means lawful and non-violent behavior. Otherwise, one is taking a risk.

  14. Afreeamerican says:

    You can’t just kill someone who thinks differently then you do, that’s ludicrous. That’s the democrats for you, kill them if they won’t follow you. Biden is NOT MY PRESIDENT

    • Bev says:

      Agree, don’t need a crook as the leader of the country! Wonder how many more women little boy Biden will impregnant, and how much more money he will be given by our enemies so he can share with his crooked father.

  15. Forrest Edwards says:

    Remember “Kent State 1971? That didn’t go so well. Observation: In September, I drove to Lake Tahoe. Upon entering Nevada, I was taken back by the American and Don’t Tread On Me flags – everywhere. Big 18 wheel trucks would pass with Trump signs on the side. Ranch lands with cattle as far as the eye could see with hay bails along the highway stacked spelling out TRUMP!. The small towns were plastered with signs, flags, posters in shop windows TRUMP! I saw one Biden sticker on an SUV in Incline Village NV. Trains passing through Truckee blew horns as they passed. “Where in the hell did Biden get 80 million votes??? TRUMP won the GOP, the Independent vote, Black vote, Hispanic vote and 15% of the Dems votes, more votes than any president in history – and they told us he lost? Time to take back our country. God Bless!

    • tl says:

      agree 100% I don’t cheat and I don’t have to lie. I can look at myself in the mirror and know I am a good human being. the dems cannot

    • Thunder says:

      I agree no way did he win it’s all fraud I got news for people if the American people wanted to take the capital the 30k troops couldn’t stop them maybe for a few but they couldn’t stop everyone but I don’t think it’s what all this is about I think things are going to happen in the near future that’s going to take down many of the Dems as well as some republicans I could be wrong but I do know something has to be done about all the corruption and treason that’s been going on or the American people aren’t going to have it just my thoughts

    • LEN says:

      You are on the trail of truth. I studied the Presidential elections going back to 2000. I also studied Census data going back to 2000. Between Presidential elections the US population grows 2 to 3%. Presidential vote totals grow by the same amount within 1 to 2%. The results are consistent. Obama was an exception in 2008 gettIng 6% more. But in 2012, Obama’s votes declined by about 2%. He was decidedly less popular and that is why Romney should have won. Romney knows that and that is why Romney is upset with Trump winning in 2016.

      Fast forward to 2020. Population grew by 2.45% between 2016 and 2020.. So how do you explain Biden’s votes exceeding Clintons by more than 21%. In Pennsylvanias western counties heavily dependent upon fracking, how do you explain a 20% increase in the Biden vote compared to Clinton when Biden promised to ban fracking and 600,000 jobs there are dependent upon fracking, all well paying jobs. It makes no sense. I sent all my PA data to the Legislature. Their report indicates there were more than 200,000 more votes as compared to voters. And John Roberts and SCOTUS would not take the PA case. All in authority are deathly afraid to look at any of this for fear of what they will find. THE VOTER FRAUD WAS MASSIVE AND MANY BEAR RESPONSIBILITY. NOT A SINGLE SWORN AFFIDAVIT OF QUESTIONANABLE ACTIVITY ON ELECTION NIGHT WAS HEARD BY A SINGLE JUDGE. THE IRRESPONSIBILITY OF ALL IS EQUALLY MASSIVE. THEY ARE ALL COVERING FOR EACH OTHER.

    • Dee says:

      You are 100% correct. President Trump is a big believer in law and order. I dont believe he will allow the treason of the communist democrat party to destroy this nation. He loves America and the american people.
      President Trump knows he won the election by a landslide. Trying to seat Joe Biden as President under false pretense is treason. President Trump is smarter than all the democrats put together he is giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

    • Dementia Joe says:

      Sorry to have to correct you my friend. But the Kent State Massacre was May 4, 1970. I am a war veteran (2nd generation) and I can only pray the modern Guard is better trained.

  16. Rebecca Gillock says:

    So your telling me the National Guard Can now use force on protestors, But when the burning of cities was going on, no force was allowed. Congress needs to be voted in and out in a 4 yr term. They hold the office to speak for the people, I use to be a democrat, but over the last 4 years I can honestly say, that I will never be a democrat again. I voted for Trump, and he was never treated fairly in this country. What has happened to freedom of speech, and and a fair election process. God help the USA.

  17. David says:

    yes, there will be blood shed becoues the united states does not want to live under socialism period.

  18. Peter A says:

    Where was this show of force when our major cities were being overrun, burned & looted? I guess excessive force can only be used against conservatives.

  19. Beverly says:

    I think the democrats if they want some peace have to quit calling trump supports names and wanting to ban them from speaking their mind etc etc etc. however all anyone had to do was to count the votes and match them up with registered voters. What was sooo hard about that. None of this would have occurred. Period but oh no we had to make a big stink out of it which makes everyone know it wasn’t right and president Trump owin. why? You ask?? because the votes weren’t counted!!! And compared to registered voters. Why do the simple thing. Let’s make it complicated because Pelosi is afraid of trump? Because he may cause a war?? He took our troops out of war zones. Why would he cause a war??? Our voting system is all screwed up. Period and that’s what is causing the friction. NOT TRUMP. GET IT THRU YOUR THICK SKULLS!! Prove me wrong and count the votes of registered voters or have everyone vote again who are registered and then you will have peace and we will accept it!!!

  20. Shelton Bissell says:

    Any violence at the Inauguration will not be by true Trump supporters. It will be BLM/Antifa leftists paid by George Soros. They will probably disguise themselves.

    • Robert Miller says:

      You got that right!!

    • Wayne Baldwin says:

      My thoughts exactly. Constitutional conservative American citizens would do all efforts to avoid any disruption.

      • Jay L. Stern says:

        Not so sure that I can agree. Talk is lost on Leftists. Can you reason with a 2-year old? How about a rabid Pit Bull? Let’s face it. The dirty dems don’t have rules. They are vicious, self-centered and power-crazed. Between 1850 and 1880, they controlled the New State of California. They sought to exterminate Native Americans and massacred over 55,000. One way was to pour strychine in the people’s water supplies. Remember the saying, “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Maybe it is time for these cheats and ignoble bastards to have a taste of their own sauce.

        • John says:

          How about restitution for the native Americans for the last 150 years? My grandmother was full blooded Choctaw on my father’s side. My father was a veteran and I am a veteran. WW2 and vietnam.

  21. Bearpaw says:

    Brings back memories of Four dead at Kent State University in Ohio. If Trump supporters were of the same mind as BLM and Antifa we could summon millions of armed Patriots to take on 20,000 National Guard. The day may come when the Guard and military will have to choose a side, American citizens or the Socialist/ Communist Party!

    • Shelton Bissell says:

      If Civil War II comes they will have the same decision to make as Robert E. Lee and all the Confederates.

      • Jeff says:

        The problem with a civil war is the ones dying won’t be the demigods hiding in the “peoples house “ or the Facebook, Twitter, google fuck stains hiding behind their walled compounds with private security. They are the ones that need to go…. THEY are the reason the country is in this mess. THEY are the ones who incite violence. If there is a civil war 2. They will all sit on their thrones and look down on the rest of us as we fight each other.

        That fact is exactly why Sherman while at the battle of Shiloh decided to go for Atlanta and destroy the cause of the civil war. The Rich slave owners who sat in the mansions while men who didn’t have enough money to afford shoes fought and died so rich plantation owners could keep their slaves.

        BTW. Biden and camel toe time magazine “person of the year”?? They’re in good company with times 1938 man of the year, Adolfo hitler…

    • Traxtern says:

      Ya think. !?

  22. Paul says:

    Armed Troups. A complete disgrace to the American people. The Democrats incited this whole propaganda with all their lies and cheating in our election as well as everything else thy have tried. Nancy is the queen bee who started all this corruption in her own party. She is a hateful person for a woman who prays for our President every day Donald Trump. Who is she praying to is what I want to know ? She and her people best change their evil ways and soon because we the American people are staying close to our enemies like all of you.

  23. Richard Thompson says:

    This is not just about Trump! Many of us are angry because the election was a joke and a farce. We now are going to be governed by people we did not elect. I am not a super Trump fan, he is easy to dislike but he got a lot done. But anyone who thinks having 300% more votes than registered voters in many places is a fair election is wrong and it wont stop here. The censoring, bias from the press, sham election and many other things are consistent with socialism. Does anyone believe there was no vaccine before the election and several immediately after? This is what we have and it is forced on us whether we agree or not. It is not about Trump! It’s about our freedom. Certainly I hope there is no trouble of any kind at the inauguration. I’m not encouraging or approving of that. But I am saying we the people know what is happening and it has little to do with Trump.

    • Wayne Baldwin says:

      Please please please any disruptors here, stand down. Our best weapon is honest and verified elections in two years, voting the socialists out of office. It is hard to take a deep breath and trust that Biden/Harris will not get a lot of their plans done. God bless America!!!!!

    • Perry says:

      Donald J Trump is the one who has been standing between them and you for four year’s. Watch out now, the LEFT has got you where they want you. Who said “Blow Up the White House,Madrona, we need a John Wilkes Booth, Johnny Depp, I dream about standing over Donald Trump Jr’s dead body, Tom Arnold, I’d like to lock up Barron Trump with a child molester (he was 10yrs old), Peter Fonda, I dream about punching him(Trump) in the face, Cory Booker, harass his staff and supporters in public and refuse to serve them Maxine Waters, I’d like to take him (Trump) behind the barn and beat the hell out of him, Joe Biden, who was hold a decapitated bloody likeness of Trump, Kathy Griffin, who had Trump in a body bag on his album cover Snoop Dog and I could go on and on for the next 4 years, pathetic. The LEFT is responsible for the great divide! I listened to Trump on January 06,2021, I heard “Peacefully Protest”. Evil LEFT!

  24. Rocky says:

    Sam Houston properly defeated the Mexicans by picking the time and place for engagement. Americans should remember the Alamo and pick the times and places for reaction. just the same as blm and antifa with the help of the democrats have been doing to our country. I personally don’t think biden to be a stupid man but if he, obama or any other faction think we will allow any single group to give out citizenship to millions more illegals to insure they continue to control a one sided power system need to look at the history of Rome then think about how they have been making running this country about color and not about being Americans. Then we hear pelosi spewing about whitness is the real problem! Well pelosi take an even harder look at the color of those National Guard Troops you said are locked and loaded to kill Americans. Then Sleep tight princess!

    • Robert Miller says:

      If the SHTF,there will be allot of DemonRats placed on a hit list,that will also include RINO traitors!!

    • Merle Beatty says:

      I think Pelosi believes she is Queen rather than a princes And I believe she sees herself as the president once she goes to the 25th amendent to have Biden declared unfit.But I know that God is in control and woe to all of them come juddgement day.

    • Rocky says:

      I’m going to reply to my earlier statement that on review needs some thought added to it. My thoughts are according to the democrats it was not okay to put armed troops with live rounds at our border to keep the illegal swarms out? But it is okay per the democrats to take those same armed troops in our cities to threaten and even take the lives of Americans? Then I ask myself why aren’t our FREE PRESS talking about this? Why aren’t our GENERALS TALKING ABOUT THIS? Why is this new platform we as Americans are being censored from using? What does it take for us to quit being Black Americans, Brown Americans, or White Americans and return to being Americans. Whether civilian, veteran, or soldiers at the point where one group or another are being threaten by or troops but illegals are above such dire consequences. Well ladies gentlemen, Generals you need to ask yourselves who do you serve?

  25. GRIZZ MANN says:

    Kent State, part two. They will have to avoid killing any of the BLM, OWS, KKK, Antifa pieceful protesters.

  26. Mike says:

    Antifa sewer rats won’t try to go against an armed military. Let’s call it what it is. Antifa is being run by democrat aligned rouge agencies within our own government. The FBI is broadcasting violence at state capitals nationwide. Just seems to me this is planned attacks orchestrated by forces within our own government designed to allow Biden to declare a national emergency and implement martial law to eradicate ownership of guns by private citizens. This would strategically make sense only if a coup was in process. I won’t be surprised to see staged violence in the near future as that gives “reason” to an administration hostile to America to implement new policies designed to remove constitutional rights

    • Thunder says:

      I think the Dems don’t realize how much the American people are over the corruption and treason going on and some republicans as well the American people have had enough and no amount of force can stop the American people from doing what they want the moment they start trying to take guns from the citizens it will be all out war and our military can’t stop what will come I have many friends in the military right now and many family members who are ex military they all say they will jump ranks and side with the people. This is not about trump it’s about the freedoms they are attacking and all the corruption treason in our country Trump just stood for the people of all colors we are all Americans and in the end that’s the way it will turn out most will join together as Americans no race needed we are Americans

    • Jeff says:

      Right on the money..one of hitlers first moves ??? Disarm the civilian population.

  27. Neal says:

    Let’s be honest here….this all is just for show because most Americans know Corrupt Biden would be hard pressed to get 20,000 to show up to his swearing in!!! They are just attempting to save him from embarrassment as he looks out at a empty plaze!!! We are supposed to believe 80 million voted for him!! My guess he was lucky to have 60 million if that!! This election was stolen and most Americans know that to be true!!!

    • Alexis says:

      You are so right,but the liberal’s think that they are running the show “now”

    • Betty says:

      I don’t think Biden got half that many votes.I do think he’s the most corrupt person that I have ever known in government.The Clintons rank right there with him and so do the Obama’s.None of them did anything for our country. They sabotage and got people in the armed services killed. The Democrats are dividing this country there will be a war between Republican and Democrat is something doesn’t happen because 75 to 80 million people are thoroughly sick and tired of our money being stolen our rights being stolen we are supposed to be living in a free world not a socialist or a communist world and that’s what it’s becoming

    • Anna Schhnell says:

      So true, Neal.

  28. Charlene Rush says:

    I will reiterate what has been said by many others, ‘Can you only imagine how many people would have been killed, had they been mostly black, especially, Latino, Asian, or any group other than the insecure/fearful _white_ man?’.
    The point actually is, why are we raising so many of the white male gender to be so masochistic/sadistic, unless there is a gene for that, which I can’t possibly believe.

    • Alexis says:

      “Really”? Here we go again. Just wait until you get a taste of socialism from the radical left. Then repost your comments.

  29. Sic&Tired says:

    IF, …. Military Force is Required to Keep Things Under Control.. SO BE IT.!!
    I surely have No Qualms with using live ammo and Not Rubber Bullets – If, need be.!!! Hope it doesn’t get to that Point, but there are just too many Dumb A _ _ People running around and causing trouble. Stop It All with Some Real Good FORCE.!!!! It has been way too long coming for Real Force to be Used.!! Now is the time to let things Fly……… Maybe then things will have a Different OutLook. My Vote is For Real Force if it has to get to that Point.!

    • Michael G Warren says:

      80 million thumbs up…we all agree. Time to clean up America and return to being one Nation under GOD!! STOP the steal, the corruption, the lying, STOP
      the Democrats, Pelosi, the Biden cartel. MAGA!!

  30. Youpeeked says:

    Wake up America, the demoncracks party is only for them and how it will benefit their pockets. Im really surprised that any arm force’s would stand up for fruadulat VOTING and disolving our FREEDOMS and The US Constitution. Just my two cents worth

    • Charlene Rush says:

      To Youpeeped ~ Since, your comment is only worth about 2 cents, I will ask you why you were never taught to recognize a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN when you see one? I’m not trying to insult you, just wondering why any person in our society would want to support a narcissist, who cares only for himself.

  31. Anthony Moreland says:

    So it’s ok to use lethal force to kill protestors that know full well, & have evidence of election fraud by the Democrats, but military forces will make no effort to stop the unconstitutional coup that will destroy the Constitutional Republic? Where’s the loyalty, the oath taken to defend against the Democrat domestic enemy?

  32. FREEDOM4ME says:

    If anyone kills anyone it will be BLM and antifa thugs killing each other.Beijing Biden and plagiarism Harris is not worth losing your life over. Stay home Republicans. If you’re really interested in watching the circus come to town there will be plenty of fake news coverage on this fiasco. Sean Penn you are creepy. Who listens to a burned out has been other than the rest of the burned out has beens in horrorwood.

  33. paula kunz says:

    Pelosi just would not listen to reason and makes her own rules. Forget the constitution of the United States. Her way or the highway. Sadly I do feel that there will be blood shed. They were asked not to precede and she went ahead. This blood shed will be on her hands and others who side with her. Democrats don’t want to make America Great they want to destroy and make it a Socialist government. The American people have shown their feelings and she and her crew have forced their hands. God bless America.

  34. Bill Zehner says:

    The presence of the national guard should be sufficient to maintain peace. This should have been done two weeks ago.

    • Alexis says:

      Where were the national guards when the Democrats, were stealing the American people’s votes? Or did you forget about that?

    • Ccobrastang says:

      Why was the national guard not called when the BLM was tearing shit up. This whole mess is only going to get worse
      Trump has been a good president. Biden is an idiot. The left wing demos want this. I do not understand how any body could vote Biden in. Harris is a liar and Biden is a pervert. This country was born on a revolution. Liberalism and socialism have no place here. The dems have been stirring the pot since Clinton lost to Trump. Obama should never have been president and where is the church in all this shit. The only thing in common about Democrats and democracy. They both start with a d. If it takes a civil war to straighten this country out. Then let’s get on with it.

  35. CT says:

    This is now Beijing west… DC is now the CHICOM Capitol of the USA… Washington is waiting with open arms for ol corn pop, fake doc Jill… and we mustn’t forget the honorable son CRACKPIPE!!! Kinzinger talks about grifters… WTF is this cast of pikers?! Scranton jo, I’d be embarrassed to claim the shoe clerk crumb bums. These folks make those double wide trailer trash Clinton crime family seem normal… ok well that’s a stretch. They are just as bad as hill n bill if not worse. I hope you enjoy all of your new money Jill n jo you pos frauds!!!

  36. Bruce Wooden says:

    Pelosi is more than willing to kill every single American that doesn’t toe her line. You all better hail queen Nancy!!!

  37. Edward Mark Hetman says:

    The National Guard soldiers know what’s at stake here and I would expect they will talk to anyone or group that shows up and persuade them to stand down. Some of the militia are Vets and no one wants bloodshed. This is not the wild wild west.
    Cool heads will prevail and win the day. My guess, the only ones watching Slow Joe getting sworn in will be the National Guard soldiers. A clear sign of a Dictator is having the Military at all his rallies and no peasants.

    • Vic says:

      Great observation,sad 😪 but true. Now calling for all coward or those who follow behind Nancy to exit America, we don’t want you here,maybe China will throw you a parade🤨

  38. pudge says:

    ,We all better start learning chinese.
    It will soon be our national language.

    • Exile in Texas says:

      I started Learning Chinese about two months ago, so I can talk in Chinese and tell China Joe and his government to shut the f*** up. We the people will not surrender our arms. I’m afraid there will be blood shed somewhere within the next two months. If china really wants our country, they will released their new virus that’s 15 to 25 times stronger than the one that happen when Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party signaled the Chinese government after the state of the union address by ripping the speech up on camera. If you do your homework you will see that the virus was here weeks after she did that. China released it over there to make it look better to the world as not to draw attention to the democrats. They needed a lie to steal the election . SO Get ready to protect your family, your belongings and yourself. Maybe the National Guard will do us all a big favor….

    • Vic says:

      Never, don’t trade on me! Liberty or death!

  39. Cain79 says:

    I’ve never wanted Antifa to show up so bad in my life. I’ll watch their little Commie heads explode on national TV with a glass of wine.

    • Alexis says:

      What? If they did show up they would run away, like they did when they jumped the last Trump supporters. If you dont believe that it’s all over the internet. 🤯

  40. b arndt says:

    Sean Penn looks like he just had areal bad day, or is going to have one. You know Sean Penn’s opinion doesn’t really matter as he is just another sewer rat from Hollywood. Why do people waste their time?

    • Gary M Waller Sr says:

      They are so afraid of protesting at the inauguration of Bozo the clown….They didn’t give a fuck about President Trump s….Protesters attacked anything President Trump was attached to….What’s the problem here…..

  41. Robert says:

    No wonder Jo(k)e Biden isn’t afraid to be inaugurated out side !

    • Robert Miller says:

      I’m wondering if ChiCom Joe will even be at his inauraguration? With all the expected violence,they may put him and his evil crew in some remote location!

  42. Joseph says:

    Sean Penn is a washed up dope smoking idiot with no talent..yes there will be a civil war between the good and evil
    Evil democrats ..it may noTV be on the 20 ..but watch out..weve had enuff of socialist..as soon as biden takes the oath..Impeach him

  43. Michael J Coon says:

    Where was all this lethal force when rioters were destroying peoples lives and killing police officers?They are trying to incite a problem.

    • Robert. C. Brown. Jr. says:


  44. grinnie says:

    My first thought upon seeing the line of soldiers was…..their not armed.

    • Juan says:

      they may be armed but they wont have bullets or a standing order of arms or weapons free. But yeah this is right up there with how maduro, stayed in power. NG troops are CIVILIANS IN UNIFORM that TRAIN ON THE WEEKENDS TO SOLDIER. BUT IT ONLY LASTS A WEEKEND EVERY MONTH. OTHERWISE THEY LIVE MOSTLY IN THE COMMUNITY. THOSE THAT COME FROM OUTSIDE DC WILL HAVE SAME ROE THAN THE REST. No shouting BTW just lazy to change the font. Anyway, the clashes will NOT be with police or federal forces it will be between demonstrators. left and right and as long a s the left is winning NO ONE ewill be asked to stop it, if the right is winning then YES they will step in to stop it and that is where I believe bad things could happen.

      • anna schnell says:

        Juan, the slugs that are planning to take office next week better watch out. The NG may accidentally look the other way in a situation.

  45. Edwin D. Groover says:

    I don’t really think the ding-dongs will try to disrupt the inauguration with 20,000 National Guard troops standing by; ready, willing, and able to quell any stupid tricks. Finally, President Trump has made some great comments about what we should do to make America the America of patriots. Shall we pray!

    • Williams East says:

      If, patriots, do intend to be there, in D.C.then there better be 3-4 times the amount of Patriots Armed, versus military, and knowing, that the military will use Deadly force, the Patriots, should also (Give No Quarter).

    • Alexis says:

      Well listen up those Ding Dongs are the ones that protect your American way and your life so I think you’re the ding dong

      • Dementia Joe says:

        National Guard is controlled by the Governor of the State. Since all the Rioting and looting were done in Leftists States why would you poison your base?

        Don’t confuse the Guard with Reservists.

  46. Kenneth says:

    Don,tyou just love how the Democrats are using the media and our troops to kill off people in this country.you can burn down cities kill people say what you want if you are BLM and ANTIFA OR DEMOCRATS but if you are Republicans then better watch out the military is gunning for you,next guess Xi will be leading this country

  47. Sandra Libby Cyr says:

    The rabid anti-Trump faction will authorize OUR National Guard to kill AMERICANS CITIZENS, but were not allowed to even intervene during the TERRORISTS RIOTS!!! Just think about that!