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Will There Be Violence After the Election?

With just hours to go before Election Day, law enforcement agencies all across the United States are preparing for potential violence no matter who is declared the winner of the presidential election. At the same time, businesses in many urban areas are boarding up windows and preparing to close early in case there is violence and property destruction.


Here is a sampling of what is taking place across the country in anticipation of election violence and property destruction.

“Many businesses in New York City are boarding up their stores in preparation for potential mayhem as Election Day approaches,” according to WABC-TV in New York City.

“All across the Southland businesses are boarding up before Tuesday’s election to prepare for potential unrest. From Beverly Hills to Hollywood to downtown Los Angeles, crews have been busy adding plywood and protective fencing in front of businesses and residential complexes,” according to KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

“In preparation of potential unrest in Chicago leading up to and following Tuesday’s general election, Macy’s State Street has boarded up windows at the iconic location,” according to NBC-TV in Chicago.

“Some DC businesses are boarding up ahead of expected demonstrations throughout the week of the 2020 Election,” according to WUSA9 in Washington, DC.

“The city of Denver warned downtown businesses to prepare for social unrest around the election, passing out half-page flyers last week that urged business owners to call 911 if they witness anyone damaging property around Tuesday’s election,” according to The Denver Post.


Please share your thoughts in the Comment section. Do you believe there will be violence and property destruction after the presidential election winner is announced? If so, who do you believe will be responsible for the violence and property destruction? Are there any preparations underway where you live? Are you preparing for violence?


  1. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    We will become a third world country, we must have some authority to end this madness.We must unfortunately arm ourselves, to protect what we fell is just and right.The Democrats have started the true violence in this country. BLM, has a different agenda.Antifa are animals funded by the Democrates.I don’t know what my point is, it’s just, we must change these happenings. The only way is a Civil War, unfortunately, that may very well the only way
    we can be the United States of America. The efficest is on UNITED STATES. We must unite, and bring down those who want to make us afraid, and take over our country.These animals should be stopped, put in a body bag, and see how that does.

    Mr.President, I know you will win, and do right for all Americans.

  2. David Smith says:

    LOL Miss Holly Rose I believe the Proud Boys and patriot Prayer evolved after the BLM and ANTIFA started taking over Democratic cities. And rioting and killing people and raping them because there was no police presence. And I for one would love to see you live in Portland with no police even no republicans LOL who are you going to call when a man tries to rape you or maybe assault one of your children are I hope you are big enough and strong enough to stop an intruder who is breaking into your house with a gun or a knife. And who are you going to call if you have an accident no police to stop a hit and run No police that would be fun to watch Maybe you could buy some better stuff to smoke Would you like it if we could get Nancy Pelosi to baby sit your town of Portland LOL Or Maybe Harris or AOC could come hold your hand. Thank you made my night better than a comedy show LOL Actually maybe you would be right The illegals could come and keep you company maybe with MS gang maybe the Crips or Bloods could come say hello Or the Mexican drug gangs we have here with no police they would tear your town apart and you too. LOL But maybe you would be better off BLM Would not even let the ambulance crew in to treat rape victims and a person they shot let alone all the stores they set on fire and robbed. The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer were not even around then so is this what you want for Portland.Thank God I am leaving this country

  3. Holly Rose says:

    If we can get rid of the Republicans all of this rioting and violence would NOT exist. Democrats have been peaceful but when the Republicans get involved, trouble starts. Every time the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer gather in Portland, rioting results. Trump refuses to do anything about it. Our Republican mayors and governor refuse to defuse the situation. If we got rid of our Portland Police entirely, things would settle down. All Republicans should be incarcerated and executed!

    • Pegs says:

      BLIND and SAD. u poor thing holly. #PRAYER

    • Deborah Dunn says:

      Wow- where have you been, hiding under a rock? Do you not know who funds the BLM and ANTIFA? You have got your parties sadly mixed up! The Democratic Party have long been the party that has been responsible for the rioting and and the historical monuments being taken down! It is very sad but even more sad is how there are so many people who believe as you do. Joe Biden has been being investigated for 5 years now and look at Hilary and Bill Clinton! Do you think any one of us would be investigated for that many years – No we would have been convicted and sent to prison. Tell me why they can get away with this?

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL!!! Holly…I/WE r wondering what drugs r u taking to cause u to b so DELUSIONAL!! LOL. U must b a “truth over fact” person. LOL.
      There’s sooo much I can say but I don’t wanna waste the time!! Woooow. Man o man.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Pegs, Deborah & Sam…u all r spot on!
      HOLLY….what the hell..”Child Pleeeease!”..lol.

    • DAN says:

      Boy you really do have your head clear up your ass making a statement like that !

      • Lt. Buck says:

        It usually makes a pop noise when they get their head out but some are so stupid they run right out into traffic and get killed.

  4. Bertha Tijerina says:

    People should be getting along.Not fighting. Good luck if Biden wins.Dont call people animals.I If Trump wins oh well.We have lost alot of lives due to covid.God would want us to stand all together.Were all here for a purpose.Thank you.

  5. David Smith says:

    From what I have been reading God have mercy Biden is winning not that I care anymore I plan to be moving as soon as I can if it wasn’t for the fortune cookie people I would have left the USA month’s ago I don’t think it stands for United States of America any more I think more like United Stupid A$$’s sounds like a better name. If you think you will stop these people with you hand guns and rifles better think again these people have Ak’s M-16 and a lot of other things to use You will see a civil war in this country before it falls I just hope I can go be with my future wife and daughter in Russia before this all happens Good luck America you will need it. If you think it is Democrats think again it is much more than a party that is destroying America it is the younger generation sorry I am 65 so they 30 to 45 are the younger generation to me and these children 8-16 joining gangs and killing people to become a gang banger how sweet it is what happens when children grow up with no discipline and no fathers and no belief in God. I will pray for you America when I am having some borsch and chicken and potato and tomato for supper.

  6. Libby Talley says:

    It’s a shame that the Democratic Party is responsible for the looters & rioters. The Democratic Governor’s that let this happen instead of letting the military to stop it from the beginning. It wasn’t the President fault. It’s up to you Governor’s to ask ,& none did!To pay people to destroy their towns & bail them out too. They need to go live in China.

  7. Sam B. says:

    This is absolutely PATHETIC & RIDICULOUS to c businesses feel like they have do this because of the small % of whack jobs out there r threatening to riot. No doubt 99.99% of any lowlife that causes destruction will b from the “off the reservation left”. We never see republicans/folks from the right doing any of this BS. As a registered Democrat…barely left leaning but I’m a democrat who knows dozens of others…as unhinged, radical quack left as our party has become is the reason WE ALL HAVE JUMPED SHIP & R VOTING TRUMP-PENCE & SEVERAL OTHERS ON THE RIGHT! These lowlifes do not represent the great American citizens that we r! We as a nation r best than rioting/anarchy. God forbid Biden & others on the left win. If so the last thing normal minded people would do is destroy our cities.
    To those that want to destruct/cause harm/full of hate…LEAVE THE COUNTRY!”
    B safe & proud America!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Preach Sam! I too am a moderate dem that knows several others that all have early voted in person for TrumpPence! The Democrat party has become the “radical socialist LOST” party. And hell yes…if people wanna riot etc then go where that BS is normal like Venezuela. If u anarchist haters don’t appreciate your country then LEAVE! Us appreciative citizens/patriots don’t want u. U have unfortunately become a cancer.
      Bye Felicia! C-ya Chad!

  8. Judith Ann Paul says:

    Looking at other Third World countries, and some brainwashed rioters want America to become one, it is obvious violence gets them no where, or at least where they want to go. Instead of trying to change America into a socialist or communist run country, my suggestion is just pack your bags and move to a Third World country of your choice. There are plenty of them out there! That way when you try to riot or protest you will be kidnapped and never seen again or killed, blind-folded by a firing squad. Then you have to think about your family too. So be my guest, if you do not like the freedoms America offers, just leave. The sooner the better! Don’t you think?

  9. David says:

    Of course crybabies will continue to be crybabies, if it is not for one reason there will be another.

  10. ALLEN CAMERON says:

    No Obama should be fitted for an orange uniform to wear for the rest of his life. Him and all of his comrades in crime.

  11. David McNally says:

    Of course crybabies will continue to be crybabies, if it is not for one reason there will be another.

  12. The only reason that there is so much destruction and rioting is that the Democrats have no respect for lives or property of anybody but themselves. These Yahoos just want an excuse to be animals. THEN they expect the American Taxpayer to bail out the cities that ALLOW this to go on. This is TREASON or DOMESTIC TERRORISM. The military should go in and shoot some of these animals. I bet it would stop pretty quickly when the ultimate price is their life. Anyone who wants to defund the Police should NOT get help when they call with a problem. They don’t want police unless they have a problem or complaint.
    I’m getting sick and tired of the Mayors and city officials tying the hands of the police. If you don’t want the police around then call a Mayor or councilperson when you have a problem. There are 2 sets of rules one for the criminals and one for the police. Kill Them All and Let God Sort Them Out !

  13. Oliver H Beckner says:

    They ain’t gonna have to worry about the virus people will probably get killed I feel sorry for the kids and don’t bring God into this he is sitting this one out I am ready if they come down here where I am at don’t want a war but if they want to do this I am ready.May God have mercy on their souls.

    • Ray says:

      Well said! If politicians won’t do their jobs and support the people then they serve no useful purpose and when violence kicks off make no mistake people will die! I for one will never support BLM when all they want is an excuse to riot kill and destroy property and lives. Bring your garbage and body bags you’ll need them!

  14. Bob says:

    Ludmilla and Curley Q have it nailed. Blm and Antifa Must be broken and arrested. This is a disgrace to the Country and our system. It might be wrong but these ANIMALS need to be Shot.

  15. Craig R Koons says:

    I say we let Crenshaw and seal team 6 clean up these Democrats

  16. RONALD A ASFOOR says:


  17. Ken Shockley says:

    A conservative won’t be angry that our great and Nobel President was re-elected in a landslide victory, it will be the Dumbocrat losers that throw a hissyfit and trigger a civil war, then they’re going to cry about how un fare we were to whoop their ass

  18. Ss says:

    Arrest them all, along with their founders/supporters! Soros, et al! Put them in Gitmo, and leave them there, to rot!

  19. Wouldn’t it be easier to arrest for this dangerous time – after the elections, all the organizers of the riots and “Fuhrer” gangs like ANTIFA and BLM, because they are known to everyone?

  20. CurlyQ says:

    For the first time in my 72 years, I am expecting violent demonstrations and rioting when the communists and anarchists don’t get their way in this year’s general election. Let’s be honest. It is not an ideal selection. One candidate should not even be running since his lips just move as his strings are pulled. It’s a real shame. Congress should have term limits as well as the President. It will never happen because Congress controls that as they do their pay raises. Senators should only be allowed to serve for two terms in that position and Representatives should only be allowed to serve four terms in that position. As long as we are willing to elect the Pelosis and Schumers among us we are responsible for this situation.

  21. Diana says:

    This is going to be a long battle. All citizens and Patriots be safe!

  22. i see its app demoRAT cities what would you expect

  23. Earl Watters says:

    it won’t be the republicans it will be the democrats the most croup group in history of the united states we must jail these cowards all of them

  24. Earl Watt says:

    it won’t be the republicans it will be the democrats the most croup group in history of the united states we must jail these cowards all of them

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