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Woman Shoots and Kills Attacker

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – While it is almost always tragic when an individual dies, there should be little sympathy for those who are killed because of their criminal activity. On the contrary, when an individual successfully defends themself against a violent attacker and that attacker is killed in the process, well, society should applaud the person who saved their own life.

Because the mainstream media – especially the national mainstream media like MSNBC and CNN – rarely inform their audiences of the many, many times Americans use guns in self-defense every week, we feel obligated to share as many of those important stories as possible. And, today, we have just such a story to bring to your attention.

The report comes from Sumter, South Carolina, and involves a man who allegedly went into a home where a woman was with another man on Saturday in the early morning hours. The man proceeded to assault and physically beat the woman.

That’s when the attacker, identified by the police as 31-year-old Eugene Rhinehart III, got the surprise of his soon-to-be-ended life.

The woman he was beating was able to get to a gun and, in what appears to be an act of self-defense, shot and killed Rhinehart. As of this time, there is no expectation that the woman – who did require medical treatment from the assault – will face any criminal charges for killing Rhinehart.

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