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Welcome to The Red Alert News, an American publication focused on delivering timely, honest news to the average American. We report factual news stories from all across the country and around the world. It’s our job to key our eyes on current events, then deliver those happenings to you.

Our team understands that keeping up with the news is a priority for you. We also understand that you expect your news to be honest and straightforward. You want news that doesn’t pull any punches, and that’s why we exist.

When a story is relevant and affects the United States, directly or indirectly, we strive to report on it. We understand that both national and global events can affect the people of this nation. Like you, we also aim to keep our finger on the pulse of the shifts and changes affecting America.

Reporting Threats to Our Liberties

You understand that American liberties are always under attack, and that honest reporting is a key factor in uncovering threats to our basic freedoms. One of our primary missions here at The Red Alert News is to keep you up-to-date on specific threats to our liberties, as secured by the Constitution.

Our team believes in Constitutional liberty, freedom of speech, a free press, and all the rights granted to us under the United States Constitution. We also believe in giving a voice to perspectives that are routinely suppressed in the mainstream media. With each report we publish, we attempt to remain as neutral as possible, while presenting a well-rounded view of developing and ongoing news stories.

We understand everything that’s at stake today. By suppressing the news, the mainstream media keeps the truth out of the hands and hearts of many of our fellow citizens.

Delivering Truthful News

We deliver regular news reports via email to our subscribers. These reports are created specifically for easy reading. When you’re on the go, we want to make the news as easy to understand and access as possible. That’s why we send it right to your email inbox.

You will receive both Critical Alerts and Political Points reports from The Red Alert News. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from each category.

Critical Alerts

Critical Alerts from The Red Alert News are regular, brief news reports that cover breaking and developing events, national and global news, the economy and finance, and American politics. If you want an overview of an important story, you just might find that here. These reports are designed for quick reading so that you can get your news, then continue about your daily business.

Political Points

Political Points reports add extra layers of information to the important and impactful stories the nation is following. At times, you’ll see us reporting a well-established story, diving deeper into the context to deliver more detail. Other times, you’ll notice that we might dig backward into the timeline, delving for information that further contextualizes a story that has been developing for quite some time.

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