GOP Speaker Slams MTG

( – Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has fallen out with US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA), as he is confronted with escalating challenges, including threats of a motion to vacate his position that she filed earlier.

Johnson finds himself in a position where he does not have sufficient support from his fellow Republicans to pass a rule that would consolidate different foreign aid bills for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine into a single package.

Consequently, he is compelled to seek assistance from Democratic members.

US Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Greene expressed their opposition to the proposed rule on Tuesday morning.

Biggs articulated his support for Johnson’s original strategy, which involved allowing the House to vote on each aid package individually.

However, he criticized Johnson’s subsequent decision to amalgamate these packages before their presentation to the Senate as misguided.

“Israel funding should not be held hostage by Ukraine funding. The American people deserve to know where their senators stand on each funding component,” Biggs declared, cited by Breitbart News.

He criticized the approach of combining the bills, likening it to the process used in ranked choice voting, where the least popular option prevails.

Chad Pergram, a Senior Congressional Correspondent for Fox News, explained that the proposed method, known as the multiple-impact reentry vehicles (MIRV) rule, involves the House voting on four separate foreign aid bills.

These bills are then merged into a single package for efficiency before being sent to the Senate.

This package would include aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, along with additional support for Ukraine through a plan to repossess Russian assets and a lease program.

Greene also voiced her opposition to the combination of these legislative measures under a MIRV through a post on X.

She stated her refusal to support Johnson’s consolidation of funding bills, which would allocate billions more to Ukraine and other foreign conflicts.

“NO, I am NOT voting for the rule on Johnson’s bundle of funding bills for billions more to Ukraine and other foreign wars,” MTG wrote.

“When Joe Biden signs HR2 into law and Schumer holds the Mayorkas impeachment trial in the Senate, I will agree to vote for the rule only,” she added, referring to the Secretary of Homeland Security.

“Speaker Johnson is not holding Democrats accountable nor leading our Republican majority, he’s actually giving in to Democrats every demand. And he’s using dirty swamp tactics to push through the America Last agenda,” Greene contended.

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