NOW: A 20-Year Low

( – In a new poll, enthusiasm among registered voters for the 2024 presidential election has plummeted to the lowest point witnessed in nearly two decades – as fewer than two-thirds of American voters are showing much interest in the upcoming vote.

More specifically, a mere 64 percent of those surveyed expressed a significant interest in the electoral proceedings slated for November, marking a noticeable downturn in electoral engagement.

This newfound apathy towards the forthcoming election represents a stark contrast when compared with the heightened levels of interest that characterized past election cycles, The Hill writes in a report.

To provide a historical perspective, the corresponding NBC News polls from previous years painted a different picture: 74 percent in 2008, 67 percent in 2012, 69 percent in 2016, and a remarkable 77 percent in the pivotal 2020 presidential elections showcased greater voter engagement.

NBC News pointed out that this present lack of enthusiasm for the election was close to the previous low point of electoral interest recorded during a presidential cycle, which was a 59 percent interest level documented in March 2012.

Delving deeper into the electorate’s preferences, the poll, which encompassed the opinions of 1,000 registered voters, queried the participants on their candidate of choice were the electoral battle to be contested between former President Trump, under the Republican banner, and President Biden, representing the Democrats.

The results tilted slightly in favor of Trump, who edged out Biden with a 2-point lead, securing 46 percent of the respondents’ support against Biden’s 44 percent.

The report notes that this margin has narrowed from Trump’s 5-point lead observed in January.

Moreover, the poll illuminated the public’s perception of the legal challenges encircling Trump.

Half of the surveyed participants opined that Trump is subjected to the same judicial standards as any other individual would be in similar circumstances.

Conversely, 43 percent harbored the belief that the legal scrutiny aimed at Trump was disproportionate, suggesting a perception of unfair targeting.

The poll’s margin of error, which stands at plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. The survey was conducted over a span from April 12 to 16.

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