ALERT: Overnight Military Attack

( – Following a huge missile and drone strike seeking to destroy the Jewish nation, Israel just carried out an overnight counterattack against Iran.

According to various sources quoting U.S. officials, Israeli missiles targeted a location within Iran.

Additionally, Iranian state media reported that citizens heard explosions in the central region of the country.

This comes after Iran attacked Israel last Saturday with over 300 drones and missiles, though Israel’s defense system and its allies intercepted most of them.

Sources describe Israel’s counteroffensive as “limited,” according to a military informant speaking to Fox News.

Although Israel recently informed the U.S. that it intended to target Iran, the Biden administration said it “didn’t endorse” Israel’s retaliatory measures, according to a U.S. official quoted by CNN.

It seems the city of Isfahan, known for housing Iran’s Natanz nuclear research facility and being a significant air base, was a main focus of Israel’s operation.

Iranian state television alerted viewers to a “loud noise” near Isfahan but did not provide further details. It also assured that all nuclear facilities in the area remained secure.

Representing Iran’s civilian space program, Hossein Dalirian said the explosions came from three quadcopter drones that were shot down, downplaying the impact of Israel’s retaliation.

Following the explosions, Iran’s air defense systems came online across several provinces, according to CNN.

An Iranian official declared on state television that flights heading to Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz were being redirected, as reported by the Times of Israel. CNN noted that at least eight in-transit flights over Iran were rerouted due to the strike.

When asked about the airstrikes, The Pentagon stated, “We do not have anything to offer at this time.”

However, Republican Senator Marco Rubio shared his reaction on X, saying that the timing of the strike coincided with Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei’s birthday, who turned 84 today.

Joe Biden had previously cautioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. would not participate in any retaliatory action following Iran’s attack on Israel last weekend.

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