Biden Gets Disastrous News (Video)

( – In nothing short of disastrous news for Joe Biden, Donald Trump maintains his lead over the incumbent president as the election campaign progresses, according to recent polling data from leftist propaganda outlet CNN.

See a video on the poll results below!

CNN, whose poll was conducted by SSRS, points out that the campaign is occurring alongside Trump’s ongoing criminal trial.

It adds that the survey reveals a shift in public perception regarding the presidential terms of both candidates, with a majority now retrospectively viewing Trump’s presidency as successful, whereas a significant majority regards Biden’s current tenure as unsuccessful.

In a direct comparison, Trump’s support remains consistent at 49% among registered voters, identical to results from the previous CNN poll in January, while Biden’s support is down at 43% compared to 45% earlier.

Reflecting on Trump’s presidency, 55% of Americans now consider it successful, a reversal from January 2021, when the same percentage deemed it unsuccessful just after the January 6, 2021, events at the US Capitol.

Conversely, 61% of respondents now view Biden’s presidency as a failure to date, a slight increase from 57% who felt this way after his first year in office.

This negative sentiment is more pronounced among Republicans, 92% of whom celebrate Trump’s presidency as a success, compared to 73% of Democrats who feel positively about Biden’s efforts.

Among independents, 51% applaud Trump’s tenure, whereas only 37% approve of Biden’s.

The poll also explores the nuanced opinions Americans hold about their recent leaders; 14% believe both presidencies were failures, while 8% believe both were successful.

About half of the voters think Biden’s presidency has been a failure but Trump’s was successful, and 30% hold the opposite view.

Historical context shows that public opinion of former presidents often improves over time, though no other modern president has sought a comeback after losing an election.

Criticism of Biden’s performance has been consistent throughout his presidency. According to the latest poll, 60% disapprove of his overall job performance, with his highest approval ratings being negative — 45% for healthcare policy and 44% for handling student loan debt.

His lowest approval comes from his management of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, with 28% approval and 71% disapproval, including 81% disapproval among those under 35 and a majority disapproval from Democrats.

Regarding the economy and inflation, Biden’s approval remains overwhelmingly negative, which aligns with the voter’s prioritization of economic issues in the upcoming presidential election.

The poll indicates that 65% of voters consider the economy extremely important to their vote, a significant increase from previous elections. In this context, those prioritizing the economy predominantly support Trump over Biden, 62% to 30%.

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