VIDEO: UFO Caught On Camera?

( – A bizarre unidentified flying object (UFO) was caught on video footage by an air traveler whose flight was descending into New York City’s LaGuardia Airport.

See the footage of the UFO and a commentary in the video below!

Michelle Reyes, the woman who captured the UFO video from her plane, was interviewed by host Ashleigh Banfield on a NewsNation program.

The footage, which has stirred considerable interest and debate, features an unidentified flying object (UFO) slicing through the sky at an astonishing speed, all captured by Reyes as she filmed the cityscape with her daughter, The Daily Caller reports.

During her appearance on “Banfield,” Reyes recounted the moment she noticed an unusual object outside her airplane window.

The object, described as somewhat flat and cylindrical, appeared abruptly and traversed the airspace without any visible means of propulsion, accelerating rapidly across the city’s skyline.

The phenomenon left Reyes and other viewers puzzled about its origins and capabilities.

Though the precise date and time of the recording were not disclosed, the focus of the intrigue centers less on the timing and more on the characteristics of the unidentified object itself.

“Whatever it was, it was definitely outside the plane and it was flying on its own and it was really, really fast,” Banfield said, noting its potential to cause significant damage, given its apparent size and velocity.

The object seemed to operate independently, a detail that underscores the mysterious nature of the sighting.

Highlighting the potential risks associated with such an object, Reyes took the initiative to forward the footage to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to alert them to the hazard.

However, she has reportedly not received any response from the agency, which has not publicly commented on the matter.

Skepticism often greets claims of UFO sightings, but the video captured by Reyes presents a particularly perplexing case.

“It sort of looks like a flying robot vacuum cleaner,” Banfield remarked, emphasizing the oddity and speed that surpasses typical drones or known aerial vehicles.

To further validate the footage, Enigma Labs conducted an analysis and confirmed its authenticity to NewsNation, asserting that there was no evidence to suggest the footage had been fabricated.

“Whatever that thing is, it seems that it is really there. And that is kind of freaky,” concluded the report from Enigma Labs.

Despite the growing curiosity and concern surrounding the video, the FAA has yet to issue any statements or responses to inquiries regarding the incident.

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