Sen. Cotton Defends Trump (Video)

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

( – Republican US Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has supported some of former President Donald Trump’s assertions concerning the 2020 presidential election in a new media interview.

See the video of Cotton’s remarks below!

Cotton’s comments came during an interview on ABC News’ program “This Week,” hosted by Jonathan Karl, where discussions also touched upon the senator’s potential candidacy as Vice President should Trump decide to run again.

In the interview, Senator Cotton elaborated on his position regarding the speculative vice presidential nomination.

He emphasized that actively campaigning for the role would not benefit Trump’s campaign strategy.

“What Donald Trump is focused on is winning this election,” he remarked.

“What I’m focused on is helping him win and making sure Republicans win the Congress. When he’s ready to make his decision about vice president, he will. Afterwards, he’ll make his decision about the cabinet. Until then, anyone out campaigning for the job or pushing for the job is not helpful to what we should all be focused on, which is winning the election,” the lawmaker elaborated.

The conversation shifted towards the events of January 6, 2021, and the actions of former Vice President Mike Pence.

“Look, I think the Constitution was clear that neither the Congress nor the vice president had the ability to reject those electors. It’s also clear that it wasn’t going to work because Nancy Pelosi controlled the House,” Cotton said.

He continued to defend Trump’s conduct on that tumultuous day, highlighting Trump’s efforts to quell the chaos.

“He put out videos and he put out statements on social media telling those rioters to stand down,” the senator added.

Additionally, Cotton supported Trump’s critique of the election process.

“Jon, he says, and I agree, that the election was not fair, and it was rigged in many ways with Democratic states and cities changing election law and election practices up to the last minute, with the media, to include your network, and 51 Democratic intelligence operatives saying the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation and social media then censoring all those things,” he asserted.

“Those were all deeply unfair,” the GOP senator concluded.

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