School Teachers Want WHAT?!

( – In a new case of leftist arrogance, representatives of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) negotiating a new contract with the public school system are demanding an additional $50 billion for salary hikes, migrant housing, and abortions.

This substantial sum is intended to address salary increases and various other provisions, including comprehensive abortion coverage for union members, enhanced services and accommodations for migrants, and numerous LGBT-centric initiatives and educational programs.

The entirety of the base tax revenue collected by the state of Illinois in the previous year amounted to $50.7 billion, Fox News points out in a report, cited by DNyuz.

Despite these ambitious demands, the performance metrics of the union’s members suggest room for improvement.

A mere 21 percent of the city’s eighth graders meet proficiency standards in reading, based on the latest results from the Nation’s Report Card, which assesses student achievement on a national scale.

Details of the union’s extensive demands have not been officially released but have been exposed through a leaked document.

Stacy Davis Gates, the President of the Union, has put forth a bold proposal advocating for annual wage increases of at least 9% up until the fiscal year 2028.

Research conducted by the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think tank, reveals that the average salary for a Chicago Public Schools teacher is $93,182.

Following the proposed increases, the average salary could potentially escalate to $144,620 by the 2027-2028 school year.

This projected salary is over double the median household income in Chicago, as per the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Chicago Tribune has reported that the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) budget is expected to surpass $9 billion this year, marking an increase of nearly 30% from $7.4 billion five years prior.

A significant portion of this increment is attributed to teacher salaries, which rank among the highest for major city educators in the United States.

During the last academic year, the district’s expenditure per student was more than $21,000, substantially higher than the national average of $14,347.

Moreover, Gates’ plan includes provisions for additional compensation for teachers and counselors. This includes a stipend of $1,000 per student each semester for those handling student numbers beyond contractual limits, and a retirement bonus of $2,500 for staff with over 30 years of service.

“We are asking you to give us an opportunity to tell our story,” Gates articulated in a March speech regarding the union’s objectives.

“It will cost $50 billion and three cents… yes it will, and so what, that’s audacity,” she added.

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