MTG Backs Down? (Video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene

( – In what may be a positive development for the GOP as far as the internal strife that has been hindering the party, which has come after she had a conversation with former President Donald Trump, US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has moderated her previously stated intention to initiate the removal of Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson.

See a video of MTG’s comments in the tweet below!

In comments to reporters on Tuesday, MTG expressed a willingness to allow the Speaker additional time to prove his dedication to conservative principles before she initiates a vote on her resolution to remove him from office.

Last week, Greene declared her determination to introduce her motion to vacate the Speaker’s position this week, pointing to Johnson’s history of bipartisan cooperation with President Biden on significant legislation.

However, after discussions spanning over three hours across two days with the Speaker, Greene retracted her immediate threat, stating her decision to refrain from advancing her resolution to the floor by the end of the week.

“We’ll see. It’s up to Mike Johnson,” Greene remarked when questioned about her previous ultimatum.

“Obviously, you can’t make things happen instantly, and we all are aware and understanding of that. So now the ball is in his court, and he’s supposed to be reaching out to us — hopefully soon,” she said, cited by The Hill.

Greene’s tactical shift followed a phone conversation with former President Trump on Sunday, who is the presumed GOP presidential nominee.

Trump has openly supported the beleaguered Johnson since Greene initially proposed her motion to vacate over a month ago.

Sources close to the matter revealed that Trump advised Greene to drop her initiative and emphasized the importance of unity within the party.

“I have to tell you, I love President Trump. My conversations with him are fantastic. And again, I’m not going to go into details. You want to know why? I’m not insecure about that,” she said and declined further comment.

Before meeting with the Speaker on Tuesday, the Georgia representative presented a list of conditions under which she would consider withdrawing her attempt to oust him.

These demands included adherence to the Hastert rule—only advancing bills supported by the majority of the GOP conference, opposition to further aid for Ukraine, cessation of funding for special counsels, including Jack Smith, who is investigating Trump, and implementing a 1-percent budget cut across all government spending if Congress fails to complete its appropriations process by September 30.

Johnson chose not to publicly comment on Greene’s conditions, merely noting, “There’s some good suggestions, and we’re working through some ideas.”

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