VIDEO: Ukraine Attacking Moscow

( – Moscow, the capital of Putin’s Russia, came under a drone attack from Ukraine on Sunday morning, as three kamikaze drones slammed into the skyscraper-filled financial district known as “the Moscow City.”

You can watch a video of one of the attacks further down this post.

The Ukrainian strike hit at least two Moscow City skyscrapers, including a 10th-floor office of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development that was destroyed, the AP reports.

The modern building in question houses offices of six Russian government ministries and is guarded and defended by the FSB, Russia’s most significant security service, the successor of the Soviet KGB.

The drone attack on Moscow City came days after Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s bloody full-scale invasion of Ukraine entered its 18th month.

Armed with top-notch American and other Western-made weapons, the Ukrainians launched a major counter-offensive in June to liberate its regions still occupied by the Russians, which comprise one-sixth of the nation’s territory.

According to the Russian authorities, the drone strike on Moscow City, which occurred after 3:30 a.m. local time on Sunday, injured one person, a security guard, and shut down Vnukovo Airport, one of the four airports in Moscow, for several hours.

The latest Ukrainian attack was “the fourth such attempt at a strike on the capital region this month and the third this week, fueling concerns about Moscow´s vulnerability to attacks,” AP points out.

Russia’s Defense Ministry, which called the incident an “attempted terrorist attack by the Kyiv regime,” said one of the three attacking drones was shot down, and the rest were jammed.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the attack “insignificantly damaged” the outsides of two buildings. However, social media photos and footage showed substantial parts of the respective office space seemed to have been obliterated.

One of the two blasts that hit the Ministry of Digital Development invited social media ridicule of Moscow, as it caused massive amounts of paper documents to rain down on the outside street.

Ukraine’s government didn’t immediately comment on the drone attack in Moscow. Still, recent social media posts showed newly developed Ukrainian kamikaze drones named “Beaver” with a range of 700 miles, capable of reaching the Russian capital and beyond.

Here is the video: