Admiral Reveals UFO Base?!

Red light

( – In a shocking revelation from a former high-ranking naval officer, there are indications of a potential UFO base on the ocean floor off the American coast.

Former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, who served as an oceanography expert throughout his career, has shared his belief in the existence of a secretive base for UFOs located beneath the ocean’s surface.

This intriguing claim emerged from an extensive interview Gallaudet had with the Chris Lehto show.

During this conversation, Gallaudet not only provided insights into his professional background but also delved into the unexplained phenomena he encountered during his service and subsequent research.

While Gallaudet refrained from pinpointing the exact location of this alleged base, he suggested that it lies in proximity to Catalina Island, California. This island has been a hotbed for UFO sightings in the past, including the famous Nimitz encounter.

To explore this mystery further, Gallaudet engaged his friend, Victor Vescovo, to conduct a survey of the region in question.

The results were puzzling. Vescovo identified a mysterious “wedge” formation on the ocean floor. Speaking about this discovery, Gallaudet mentioned, “The anomaly looks like a wedge taken out of a thing called a knoll. It’s an underwater ridge basically – and a wedge from it was totally carved out and horizontally displaced by two kilometres. I just want to find an explanation for it, but it does cause one to speculate. Is that evidence of an undersea UAP interaction with the seafloor? Or even a location for undersea infrastructure where these things go?”

With this enigma capturing attention, there’s talk that Netflix might sponsor Gallaudet’s expedition to investigate the site more closely. This possible funding might be the reason why he’s maintaining secrecy about the exact location of this underwater anomaly.

However, there’s also a counter-narrative. What if this mysterious formation isn’t related to UFOs but has historical significance?

Evidence suggests that following the Last Glacial Maximum, rising sea levels submerged vast landmasses. Could this anomaly lead to the discovery of long-lost civilizations and the areas they inhabited before the oceans claimed them? Only further exploration can tell.