Arrest in Pelosi Case (Video)

( – In a laughable case of far-leftists targeting a leftist political icon, former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has lately fallen prey to several pro-Islamist terrorism and anti-Semitic vandalism attacks, with one of the perpetrators now arrested and facing charges.

See a video of one of the far-left protests targeting Pelosi’s home below!

An individual implicated in the defacement of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s garage on February 11 faces felony charges, reports The San Francisco Standard, as cited by The Daily Caller.

Heather Phipps, associated with the pro-Palestinian Arab organization Code Pink, is accused of two counts of felony vandalism.

This accusation stems from her purported involvement in causing damage to Pelosi’s garage door, as detailed in a legal complaint submitted to the San Francisco Superior Court earlier this week, according to the publication.

Furthermore, Phipps is alleged to have vandalized city infrastructure, including streets and sidewalks in the vicinity of the congresswoman’s residence in Pacific Heights, as noted by the news outlet.

The financial toll to fix the damages purportedly inflicted by Phipps is estimated at $5,648.

This figure was provided by a spokesperson from the Department of Public Works, who clarified that the restoration process involved the removal of paint from sidewalks, street trees, and the road itself.

Cynthia Papermaster, another participant in the protest affiliated with Code Pink, is facing charges of misdemeanor vandalism.

This follows her alleged act of leaving paint handprints on Pelosi’s garage.

Papermaster’s arraignment has not yet occurred, a spokesperson for Code Pink confirmed.

Phipps is scheduled for arraignment on March 12, as per the news source.

Pelosi (D-CA) has previously encountered protests from Code Pink members.

On October 29, 2023, while surrounded by protesters near her vehicle, the former House Speaker responded with the statement, “Go back to China, where your headquarters is.”

This comment was captured in a video that gained widespread attention in January 2024, the publication highlighted.

In a blog post dated October 31, 2023, Code Pink articulated their intention to momentarily detain Pelosi during a protest advocating for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip after the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas had massacred over 1,400 people in Israel on October 7.

The group’s spokesperson later described the timing of this event as an “unfortunate coincidence” since it coincided with the anniversary of the attack against Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, by David DePape.