Biden Gets Lucky

( – HAPPENING NOW: With his presidential campaign teetering on the edge of defeat as the overwhelming percentage of Americans say he is too old to be president, Joe Biden just got lucky and dodged one political bullet that could’ve been the coup de grâce.

A bullet named Joe Manchin.

As numerous outlets are reporting, Manchin, a Democrat and the retiring United States Senator representing West Virginia announced that he will not run for the presidency as an independent.

As the National Review notes in “Retiring Democratic Senator Joe Manchin Won’t Run for President in 2024“:

“After spending months teasing a potential third-party presidential run in 2024, retiring Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced Friday that he will not launch an eleventh-hour bid for the White House this cycle. Only yesterday had Manchin floated Utah senator Mitt Romney and former Republican senator Rob Portman of Ohio as hypothetical vice presidential picks in the event that he decided to run for president.

‘I will not be seeking a third party run,’ Manchin, said in a speech in Morgantown, West Virginia, Friday morning. ‘I will not be involved in a presidential run.’

“The 76-year-old conservative Democrat’s announcement comes as welcome news to allies of President Joe Biden, who have long fretted that a centrist third-party ticket might hand the election to former President Donald Trump.” [emphasis added]

Biden was so relieved by the news that he immediately praised Manchin.

Still, Biden trails in many polls and, most significantly, in the most crucial states that will decide the election with their votes in the Electoral College.