‘Biden Quits Before Convention’!?

Joe Biden

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In an intriguing forecast on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” Dick Morris, best-selling author and adviser to President Donald Trump, anticipates that Joe Biden will engage in the primary elections but predicts he will not be the final Democratic nominee at the National Convention. This projection stems from a concept he has developed with his colleague, pollster John McLaughlin.

Morris explained the mechanics of this scenario, where Biden would participate in the primaries, likely unchallenged, to secure delegates for the convention. “They will keep them until a few days before the convention and then he would announce he’s not running, release his delegates, and there would be a floor fight for the nomination,” Morris delineated. He emphasized that this maneuver would prevent a protracted and divisive primary battle within the Democratic Party.

Furthering his analysis, Morris indicated that the Democratic Party aims to avoid lengthy primary contentions, which might force candidates to engage in controversial discussions about reparations for slavery and male participation in women’s sports, which are liabilities that precede the party.

In the conversation, Morris delved into the details of his new book, “Corrupt: The Inside Story of Biden’s Dark Money.” He elucidates a comprehensive account of corruption linked to Biden, stating, “Biden basically sent his family around the world to make business deals for him that were corrupt, largely traded on his name, and then he got cut in on it.”

The crux of Morris’s research is the reciprocal relationship between Biden and China. “Lots of very important policy decisions went China’s way,” Morris asserted, providing an example of Chinese laws that force foreign businesses to divulge proprietary information and form joint ventures with local firms, ceding majority control.

According to Morris, while Biden has not addressed this issue, Trump is poised to implement trade sanctions to dismantle such laws if re-elected. Morris also criticized Biden’s environmental vetoes on mineral mining projects in states like Minnesota and Michigan. These actions, he says, effectively ceded the mineral monopoly to China, a significant shift from the previous U.S. dominance in the industry.