BOMBSHELL: Trump Electoral College Landslide (Poll)

( – In a bombshell revelation, a mainstream media poll by Reuters/Ipsos shows Donald Trump crushing Joe Biden in the key swing states that will decide the election in the Electoral College.

If the poll holds true, Trump will defeat Biden in a Landslide.

Here is a graphic of what the poll currently shows.

According to Reuters in its opening assessment of what the poll found, “U.S. President Joe Biden’s chances of re-election are being jeopardized by voters’ concerns over his age, the economy and crime, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, creating an opportunity for Republican challenger Donald Trump to return to the White House.”

The key paragraph by Reuters when it comes to the all-important swing states that will decide the Electoral College tally come 2024 reads:

“But in a worrisome result for Biden, Trump held a small advantage in the seven states where the 2020 presidential election was closest: Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Michigan. In those states, Trump led with 41% to Biden’s 35%, and 24% undecided.” [emphasis added]

Bottom line: Trump is well-positioned to win in 2024 if Joe Biden is the Democrat candidate.