BREAKING: Election Fraud Bombshell; Democrats Involved

( – BREAKING NEWS ALERT: While there has been only one primary and one caucus so far in the 2024 Presidential Election, there is already a case of clear-cut election fraud involving the Democrat Party.

Specifically, in Indiana, the State Police, and other groups are digging into what appears to be blatant election fraud with votes in St. Joseph County, all connected to Dean Phillips, who’s running for President as a Democrat against Joe Biden.

Amy Rolfes, who’s in charge of elections in St. Joseph County, gave everyone the news on Friday morning.

She’s saying that her office stumbled upon a bunch of phony names on some forms that were supposed to help Phillips get a spot in the May primary. These names just didn’t match up with the official voter list.

Rolfes also pointed out that a lot of the addresses written on these forms are totally made up.

She provided some numbers, saying, “So, we had 530 voters who had signed petitions, 530. And of those 530, according to our due diligence, or protocols, or following the process, we found 19 that were valid.”

Phillips is a Democrat who’s been in Congress for a while, representing Minnesota. He’s trying to beat Biden in the primary and is coming off a high from his recent success in New Hampshire.

The Indiana State Police, along with the folks who run elections in St. Joseph County, the Secretary of State’s office, and the Indiana Election Division, are all on this case. This whole mess might even lead to some serious legal trouble for the perpetrators, including criminal charges.

Rolfes made it clear, saying, “Election fraud is not a conspiracy theory in St. Joseph County, it is real. And this incident demonstrates why signature requirements and photo identification are essential elements, ensuring our elections are honest and fair.”

Phillips’ team put out a statement, too: “The campaign had hired a small business to conduct signature collection, as many campaigns do. The campaign has been made aware of evidence that this third-party business was fraudulent in its representations of signature collection to the campaign. The campaign is exploring legal action.”