BREAKING: Illegals Crossing Northern Border (Video)

( – In a staggeringly alarming development, the nation is no longer solely being invaded by millions of Third World illegal immigrants solely through the Southern Border from Mexico but now increasingly through the Northern Border from Canada as well.

See a video of migrants invading through the Northern Border below!

Disturbing video footage and eyewitness accounts from residents along the US-Canada border reveal a significant migrant smuggling operation in the north – just as the Southern Border is being overwhelmed.

Swanton, Vermont, a scenic town of about 6,500 people situated near Lake Champlain and close to the Canadian border, has become a focal point for observing the US’s northern illegal migrant issue, The New York Post reports.

The town’s dense forests not only attract hunters but also provide cover for smugglers, which has caused residents to feel compelled to carry firearms for protection and to try to disrupt smuggling activities.

“Now I’ve got the Border Patrol guys on speed dial,” Chris Feeley, a 52-year-old local, told The Post.

Official data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) indicates a 240% increase in illegal crossings at the Northern Border last year, with over 12,200 incidents.

A significant portion of these crossings, approximately 70%, occurred within the Swanton Sector, encompassing parts of New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Despite the considerable attention given to the southern border, where 2.4 million migrant encounters were recorded in 2023, the Northern Border presents its own set of challenges, the report points out.

Migrants who manage to reach Mexico and afford a $350 plane ticket to Canada find the Northern US Border less patrolled and, therefore, a more attractive route for entering the US.

The US-Canadian border’s vast length, nearly three times that of the US-Mexico border, and the allocation of most CBP resources to the Southern Border exacerbate the situation.

Feeley, who has hunted in the area since his teenage years, has witnessed a noticeable increase in migrant activity over the past three years.

He recounted an incident where, from his hunting stand, he observed two men of Mexican descent navigating through the woods with the help of a smartphone.

This encounter, among others, has led Feeley to regularly inform border patrol of migrant movements captured on his trail camera.

The escalation of migrant traffic has prompted some locals, including Feeley, to carry pistols for safety, as advised by border agents.

Other residents, such as Kaitlynn Pease, a volunteer firefighter and gas station assistant manager, and Lawrence Rainville, a dairy farmer, have helped Border Patrol agents detect invading migrants on multiple occasions.