China Hid ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ in US

( – Communist China is once again threatening the United States as it has created a giant trap for the US by planting malware in critical infrastructure supporting American military bases abroad, according to officials.

The Biden administration is reportedly hunting for Communist Chinese malware in US military systems after Microsoft found such hacking tools in US infrastructure affecting Guam and other military sites, The New York Times reports.

The report quotes unnamed US intelligence, military, and national security officials saying the Microsoft findings may be part of a vast Chinese operation.

According to their comments, in a “ticking time bomb,” Communist China has planted malicious code that could cripple US military operations during an open armed conflict between the two powers – including a potential Chinese invasion of the island republic of Taiwan, an informal US ally.

“China’s efforts to infect important networks are far more extensive than the experts realized at first,” the NYT points out.

The infrastructure networks that might be affected by Chinese malware are connected to civilian systems but also control communications, power grids, and water supply used by the US military.

Microsoft has concluded that the hacking attack against US installations in Guam was committed by a cybercrime group called Volt Typhoon, which uses malware capable of staying hidden for years.

According to the leftist newspaper, data gathered so far shows that more networks have been compromised in areas containing US military outposts.

The Biden administration is reportedly trying to determine if the Chinese seek to subvert US military operations in the event of a conflict or to strike civilian life “more broadly.”

The report discloses that the hunt for the malicious Chinese code has been on for at least a year, and the White House has held Situation Room meetings with military, intelligence, and homeland security officials to craft an action plan.

Administration officials have even started informing Congress members and industry leaders about the Communist malware threat.

The report claims China’s new operation doesn’t fit the model of known hacking attacks that the two powers have been conducting against each other.

“[This] raises the question of what, exactly, they are preparing for,” a senior Biden adviser warned.