Crushed By Illegals

( – In terrifying consequences for the nation from President Joe Biden’s illegal immigrant invasion, Democrat-run cities nationwide – from California and Colorado to Maine – are reaching “breaking points” under the burden of housing a countless number of illegal aliens.

The situation is particularly appalling in the city of Denver, which has seen the arrival of over 40,000 migrants since 2022, and is now facing a financial crisis due to the extensive costs of providing the illegal aliens with comprehensive support services, Breitbart News reports.

The city has been offering a wide range of free services, including housing, medical care, legal advice, and education for children of migrants.

This situation has pushed Denver to a tipping point, necessitating drastic fiscal adjustments, the report comments.

In an effort to manage this financial strain, Denver’s Mayor, Mike Johnston, a Democrat, has announced significant budget cuts to municipal services that benefit the city’s legal residents.

The aim is to reallocate funds to mitigate the impacts of the migrant influx. Denver has already allocated $42 million towards supporting migrants, a figure projected to escalate to over $180 million within the current year, as the New York Times reported.

Mayor Johnston has expressed that the $9 million received from the federal government designated for migrant support falls short of addressing the city’s crisis.

“We are going to have to make changes to what we can do in terms of our city budget and what we can do in terms of support for newcomers who have arrived in the city,” Johnson said on February 9.

He described the city’s strategy as “a plan for shared sacrifice.”

At the same time, he has attributed the migrant crisis to the actions of Republicans and former President Donald Trump, accusing them of undermining a bipartisan Senate deal and perpetuating the crisis for political gain.

The financial burdens Denver is experiencing are not isolated incidents; similar challenges are being faced nationwide.

Democrat-run urban areas across the United States, from Los Angeles to New York City and even into Maine, are struggling with the fiscal repercussions of accommodating a surge in migrants.

In New York, Mayor Eric Adams faced criticism for proposing substantial budget cuts in response to the financial demands of migrant support.

Meanwhile, in Maine, State Senator Matt Pouliot highlighted the state’s expenditure of $13 million to house a relatively small number of families, sparking debate about the allocation of resources.