Green Beret Slams Biden (Video)

US Army Green Beret

( – Joe Biden’s shameful failure to react to the recent Iranian-backed attacks on American forces in the Middle East has finally been called out in full force as a Republican US congressman, a former Green Beret, has blasted the president for giving in to his “Iran problem.”

In a Fox News interview on Tuesday, Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) criticized the Biden administration for not taking action against Iranian-backed groups attacking US bases in Iraq and Syria.

Recently, American forces intercepted two drones targeting a US base in Syria. This incident happened just after rockets struck a US air base in Iraq, The Daily Caller reports.

The attacks against American troops in the Middle East occurred after, on October 7, the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas brutally invaded US ally Israel, butchering nearly 1,500 civilians, including dozens of Americans.

There has also been criticism towards President Joe Biden for making deals with Iran. One such deal involved the US releasing $6 billion in aid to Iran in exchange for five American prisoners.

“Since October 7, they have been equivocating and mincing words on Iran’s direct involvement. Now we are talking about complicity,” Waltz told the Fox show “America Reports.”

“Every time we see someone come to the podium, they are lecturing the Israelis on human rights and abiding by the laws of war, which I think sends all the wrong signals. Now look, those 10 attacks on our bases are on top of 70 to 80 attacks on our bases in Iraq and Syria over the last two years. And what have we done about it? Not a damn thing. And that’s the signal that the Iranians have taken: they can get away with it,” the Florida Republican fumed.

Having served as a Green Beret in the US Army’s special forces, Waltz also criticized the administration for reducing sanctions on Iran.

“Their foreign currency reserves have gone from 4 billion to 70 billion, oil exports have gone from nearly nothing to 30 billion a year. They got 6 billion fungible money for taking Americans hostages,” the GOP congressman stated.

Waltz believes the US needs to send a clear message to its adversaries.

“As long as [our enemies] see this perceived weakness and opportunity, they are going to continue to take it,” he concluded.