Illegal Aliens Are Doing What?

( – In an absurd occurrence – yet one underscoring far-left devastation in the US is terrifying even Third World migrants – some illegal alien invaders who have ended up in Democrat-run “sanctuary cities” have decided to rush back to their native countries.

Many of the some 8 million illegal immigrants who have invaded the nation since Joe Biden occupied the White House in January 2021 and sought refuge in US sanctuary cities are now choosing to return to their home countries.

Thus, among the approximately 21,000 who arrived in Chicago, Illinois, there is a growing regret about their journey to the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune, cited by Breitbart News.

One migrant, Castejon, expressed deep disillusionment with the American experience.

“The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” he said while lying on a blanket in a station before his departure.

“There’s nothing here for us,” he added, reflecting a sense of disappointment and hardship.

These migrants have encountered a city struggling to accommodate them, The Tribune observes.

Not only is there a shortage of shelter space, but they also face local opposition to opening additional shelters.

Castejon highlighted the challenges and dangers of their journey, including begging for money and sleeping on the streets, only to find the outcome not worth the effort.

“We didn’t know things would be this hard. I thought the process was faster,” he said, indicating a mismatch between expectation and reality.

The Tribune’s report further indicates that Catholic Charities is receiving significant funding from taxpayers in various states, including Illinois, Colorado, and Texas, to assist in relocating these newcomers to other regions.

In Illinois, for example, Catholic Charities is utilizing taxpayer funds to transfer over 2,000 illegal immigrants to other states, while their counterparts in Colorado and Texas are directing individuals to Illinois.

Chicago isn’t the only city facing discontent among newly-arrived individuals. In New York City, newcomers expressed frustration to the New York Post about being moved to Floyd Bennett Field in southeast Brooklyn.

“We weren’t told where we were going. I work in The Bronx. My kids go to school in The Bronx. For us to live out here is ridiculous,” one migrant lamented.

“I cannot stay here. This is crazy,” another said upon arrival at Floyd Bennett Field.