Infamous Cop Compares Trump to Who?!

( – In what many see as a new bout of “Trump derangement syndrome,” a famed CNN analyst who was a Capitol Hill police officer compared the former president to Osama Bin Laden and Trump’s latest federal indictment to the killing of the al-Qaeda chief.

The unimaginable comparison of Trump to Bin Laden popped up after, on Thursday, the 45th US president was arraigned in court again under a new indictment by the Biden Justice Department.

In his second federal indictment, the DOJ accused Trump of trying to overturn the 2020 election, including through January 6, 2021, events at the US Capitol.

A month ago, the Biden administration indicted the leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate for allegedly mishandling classified US government documents. Before that, in May, Manhattan’s radical-left DA also indicted Trump, accusing him of bribing a porn actress to hide his affair with her.

At least one leftist pundit, CNN law enforcement analyst Michael Fanone, has somehow experienced Trump’s second federal indictment as an “Osama Bin Laden assassination moment,” i.e., the time when the al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 organizer was eliminated by US special forces in Pakistan in 2011.

“When I first learned about the indictment, I had a long conversation with a friend of mine, Ryan Reilly, and I told him how proud I felt to be an American at that moment. Much in the way that I did when I learned that our military had killed Osama bin Laden. I just felt incredibly proud,” Fanone told CNN on Thursday.

When asked how Trump compared to Bin Laden, the former DC Metropolitan Police officer declared that both were terrorists who had committed “horrific” crimes against Americans.

“I believe they’re comparable… Osama bin Laden was a terrorist who committed a horrific act against American people and against our republic. And I believe that Donald Trump is a terrorist who committed horrific acts against the American people,” the leftist law enforcement pundit stated.

He was questioned by CNN’s chief legal analyst, Laura Coates, if he was worried his comments could “cloud people’s view of this indictment as a fair process.”

Fanone dismissed her point, declaring that “the only person or people whose view matters with regards to this indictment are the jurors” who would decide if Trump was guilty.