Judge Hits Trump With Huge Setback

Donald Trump

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a move of possible political retaliation, a motion made by Donald Trump and the Colorado GOP to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to prevent Trump from being on the Colorado ballot was denied by Judge Sarah Wallace, a district court judge in Colorado. Judge Wallace was appointed by Democrat Gov. Jared Polis earlier this year.

The lawsuit is one of many in various states challenging Trump’s eligibility for the ballot due to his alleged involvement in the events of January 6, 2021. The Fourteenth Amendment, established after the Civil War, is the basis for these lawsuits. This amendment prohibits individuals who participated in insurrection from holding public office. However, Trump has neither been convicted of insurrection nor has the U.S. Senate found him guilty of such charges. He maintains his innocence.

In her decision, Judge Wallace did not comment on the lawsuit’s actual merits. Trump has another motion awaiting a decision. If denied, the trial is set to commence on October 30, overseen by Wallace. Trump’s defense argues that his actions on January 6 were related to “public issues” and, thus, safeguarded by the First Amendment’s freedom of speech rights. Yet, Judge Wallace stated that a Colorado free speech law wasn’t applicable in this specific situation.

A Trump campaign spokesperson criticized Wallace’s decision, saying, “[Wallace] is going against the clear weight of legal authority. We are confident the rule of law will prevail, and this decision will be reversed – whether at the Colorado Supreme Court, or at the U.S. Supreme Court. To keep the leading candidate for President of the United States off the ballot is simply wrong and un-American.”

The Supreme Court has not provided any rulings on this particular Civil War-era amendment. Trump’s legal team argues that this amendment was specifically designed for individuals who waged war against the U.S. If the lawsuit is successful, it could prevent Trump from being on the ballot in other states, even though he’s currently leading in the race for the Republican nomination and has favorable polling against President Joe Biden.

The group behind the lawsuit is Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a nonprofit watchdog organization associated with Democrat strategist David Brock. Despite its claims of being non-partisan, many criticize CREW for its perceived bias against conservatives and Republicans. David Brock is linked to various organizations, including the Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century and Media Matters for America, which gained attention for its continued defense of actor Jessie Smollett’s 2019 controversial claims.

The case in question is titled Anderson v. Griswold, Case No.: 2023CV32577, and is taking place in the district court for the city and county of Denver.