VIDEO: TSA Agents Caught Stealing From Passengers

( – In a disturbing revelation, a video shows two officers of the Transportation Security Administration stealing cash and other items from passengers’ baggage at a Florida airport.

You can watch the video further down this post.

The video obtained by NBC News Miami shows the two TSA workers going through unsuspecting people’s bags and wallets while the travelers were going through a security checkpoint scanner.

The two thieving TSA officers – 33-year-old Labarrius Williams and 20-year-old Josue Gonzalez – can be seen stealing at least $600 in cash plus other valuable items from travelers’ bags.

The security footage was filmed at Checkpoint E at Miami International Airport. Williams and Gonzalez were exposed in an official investigation launched after numerous passengers reported theft.

The two TSA officers worked together to steal cash from purses and wallets going through the checkpoint before reaching the X-ray machine.

The leaked video shows Williams and Gonzalez standing close to one another and pretending to talk while the former went through a black bag, took out an item, and left it in the bin. After that, Gonzalez moved the bin forward and snatched the item.

In another case, Gonzalez could be seen searching a Louis Vuitton bag, removing an item, putting it in the bin, and then stealing it further down the line.

The two TSA workers managed to steal cash and valuables while their owners were getting screened and were thus unable to watch their belongings.

Another TSA employee, 22-year-old Elizabeth Fuster, was also arrested in the same case. All three were charged with being involved in an “organized scheme to defraud.”

Fuster and Gonzalez confessed to stealing about $1,000 daily, committing “numerous thefts” from passengers.

In August, Fuster’s charge was dropped. Williams and Gonzalez pleaded not guilty to third-degree felony grand theft charges, according to Miami-Dade County court filings quoted by The Post.

Gonzalez was admitted to a deferred prosecution program whose completion could see his charges dropped. He will have to give up his airport credentials, do 25 hours of community service, and pay $700 to the identified victims.

Williams was not accepted into the program and will be tried in October.

Here is the video: