Biden Exposed by Border Patrol Exec

( – In what seems like a terrifyingly evil plan, the Biden administration is flying in illegal immigrants by the hundreds of thousands to reduce border invasion numbers, the Border Patrol union leader has disclosed while also predicting a mass amnesty to legalize the millions of aliens and give them citizenship.

According to Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the Biden administration has initiated the transportation of migrants into the U.S. through flights in an effort to minimize the appearance of chaos at the border

Judd told The New York Post this strategy is essentially a facade, allowing for the admission of individuals via airports as opposed to the more conspicuous border crossings.

He anticipates the introduction of an “amnesty program in the future” to accommodate the influx of migrants since President Biden’s tenure began in January 2021.

“It’s just a bait and switch,” Judd conveyed over the phone from Texas.

“They’re just paroling people in through airports rather than having them come across the border. They’re just gonna keep the numbers at around 5,000 [border crossings per day], parole people in and say, ‘Oh, look, we cut our numbers down,’” he elaborated.

Judd added that even this rate remains significantly elevated compared to the Donald Trump and Barack Obama administrations.

In an attempt to address the burgeoning numbers of migrants, the Biden administration rolled out a program in January 2023, aimed at facilitating the legal entry of individuals from specific nations under “humanitarian parole.”

This initiative has seen over 386,000 migrants flown into the U.S., contingent upon having a sponsor and undergoing background checks, starkly contrasting the typical process for the majority who cross the border on foot and are then released into the country.

This new approach has not stemmed the tide of migrants at the Mexico-U.S. border, with record-setting monthly crossings reported, The Post notes.

Parolees, distinguished by their method of entry via commercial flights, are processed through a specific cellphone application, CBP One, which also supports family reunification efforts for nationals from a selection of countries.

The parole initiative, however, has faced opposition, with calls from Congressional Republicans for its termination and legal challenges from GOP-led states, arguing misuse of the parole mechanism.

Despite these challenges, a Texas federal court recently allowed the continuation of the parole program, permitting the admission of 30,000 migrants monthly under this status.

“We’re still five times higher than what we should be but lower than those record number of apprehensions at the southern border,” said the Border Patrol union leader.

He suggests that practical changes, such as detaining single adults and expediting asylum court cases, could reduce the incentives for illegal crossings. Yet, he is skeptical of significant policy shifts from the administration, especially in light of President Biden’s stance on immigration reform and border security.

The prospect of an amnesty program, as Judd predicts, could potentially regularize the status of millions of illegal migrants in the U.S., a move that is seen as a future incentive for further migration, the report points out.

The Biden administration has also proposed measures to offer permanent residency options for long-term residents without serious criminal convictions, alongside broader immigration reform efforts aimed at providing a path to citizenship for up to 11 million migrants.

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