Biden Is a Liar (video)

Joe Biden

( – In a brand-new demonstrable lie, Joe Biden made a bizarre statement – namely, that he has declared a national climate emergency – which he has not, even though Democrats and green activists have been urging him to do so for years.

“We’ve already done that,” Biden declared during an interview with The Weather Channel that aired Wednesday, as cited by The Washington Times.

You can watch a video of the lie further down this post.

“We’ve conserved more land, we’ve rejoined the Paris climate accord, we passed the $368 billion climate control facility. We’re moving. It is the existential threat to humanity,” he added.

When asked explicitly whether he had issued an emergency climate declaration, the president responded:

“Practically speaking, yes.”

A declaration of national climate emergency would be an executive action that would “unlock far-reaching powers,” allowing him to limit domestic fossil fuel production to slash greenhouse gas emissions, the report points out.

In all actuality, Biden seemed to refer to his tax and climate spending law called the Inflation Reduction Act, which congressional Democrats adopted last year. The legislation features nearly $370 billion in green tax credits to stimulate clean energy production.

In subsequent comments, the White House tried to sweep Biden’s new gaffe under the carpet by clarifying that he meant his last year’s decision to invoke the Defense Production Act for green technologies.

“What the president was talking about is the Defense Production Act. That’s something he did very early on,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared on CNN.

Biden’s perplexing comments came during a three-day tour of Western states to tout his “climate change achievements,” the Times points out.

However, they spurred swift blowback from all sides: environmentalists attacked him for never issuing an official climate emergency directive, while fossil fuel groups blasted him for seemingly supporting the idea.

“With today’s remarks, he’s already out there supporting the idea — he freaking said ‘I’ve already done that’ — so let’s go ahead and do it then!” tweeted Director of Fossil Free Media Jamie Henn, a nonprofit advocating the end of fossil fuels.

“The fact Joe Biden doesn’t know when he’s declared an emergency is scary enough, but the fact he’s considering it at all is even worse,” said Power The Future Executive Director Daniel Turner.