Biden Slammed By Staff

Joe Biden

( – Highlighting how the extreme left has been taking over federal agencies, staff within the State Department ripped Joe Biden over U.S. support for Israel, as seen in a sensitive memo that has been leaked.

This internal document demands Biden to advocate for a ceasefire and to openly criticize Israel’s military operations and its treatment of Palestinians. The memo surfaced via Politico and outlines a discrepancy within the department, contrasting with the traditional U.S. solidarity with Israel.

The critique comes in the wake of an operation by Israel in Gaza to rescue approximately 240 hostages taken by Hamas since the terrorist attack on October 7.

While Israel maintains that civilian risk in Gaza is exacerbated by Hamas’ strategy of using hostages as human shields in locations like mosques and hospitals, the memo argues that the U.S.’s unwavering support may taint America’s image as a partial and dishonest participant in regional and global affairs.

The contentious memo also details a list of demands, stating that Biden should not only support a ceasefire, which Hamas has requested, but also that the administration should publicly denounce Israel for what the memo’s authors see as breaches of international norms.

This call for a change in stance has echoed within the Democratic Party and among Arab and Muslim Americans, some of whom have labeled Israel’s actions as genocidal. High-profile figures like Washington Representative Pramila Jayapal and former aides of Vice President Kamala Harris have expressed that Biden’s backing of Israel might cost him political support, particularly among young Democratic voters.

Adding to the internal pressure, the National Muslim Democratic Council has openly threatened to withdraw support for any candidate who does not endorse a ceasefire.

The leaked memo, while not publicly acknowledged by the State Department, has been met with comments from spokesperson Matthew Miller, who underscored the department’s openness to diverse viewpoints and encouraged staffers to voice their dissent.

The U.S. has stated its support for Israel’s right to combat Hamas, particularly following the loss of over 1,400 Israeli lives in the October 7 attack.

The fissures within the State Department, as revealed in the memo, suggest a leftwing turn of U.S. foreign policy is underway, driven by the belief that public censure of Israel’s conduct is necessary for Biden to win the 2024 race.