Black Voter’s Message to Biden

Joe Biden

( – Signaling his poor re-election chances, black voters in Milwaukee, a city pivotal in the 2020 presidential election and rife with swing districts, are reevaluating their support for Joe Biden.

The city’s black community, a demographic instrumental to Biden’s previous victory over President Donald Trump, is expressing significant dissatisfaction and a sense of neglect, potentially altering Wisconsin’s political landscape and, by extension, the national outcome in 2024.

CNN’s John King uncovered the growing discontent among Milwaukee’s black voters during interviews. Resident Eric Jones succinctly articulated the city’s distress, linking the decline of manufacturing to a “domino effect” that has eroded opportunities and heightened community issues.

Devonta Johnson, another local voter and organizer, echoed this sentiment, expressing doubt about voting for Biden if the election were imminent, stating that Biden would indeed “have a big problem” securing votes in such a scenario. When pressed about choosing between Biden and Trump, Johnson found the decision challenging.

This disenchantment is reflected in the numbers; a Fox News poll revealed Biden’s lead over Trump among black voters has dropped significantly since 2020, now leading 74% to 26%, a stark contrast to his 90% lead in the previous election. Additionally, an Associated Press poll indicated a growing alignment of black voters with Trump.

Angela Lang, Executive Director of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC), emphasized Milwaukee’s strategic importance, saying, “There is no way to win a statewide election that doesn’t run through the black community.” She highlighted the potential influence Milwaukee’s black voters hold over the state and the nation.

BLOC organizers have observed widespread feelings of hopelessness and reluctance to vote among black citizens. Lang pointed to the absence of federal police reform and questioned Biden’s actions regarding police accountability and criminal justice, pivotal issues for the community.

In an attempt to reinvigorate black voter enthusiasm, Biden’s campaign made strategic moves, such as addressing graduates at Howard University early in his re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee’s outreach initiatives to black and Latino voters, as detailed by DNC national press secretary Sarafina Chitika. However, Lang noted minimal communication from the DNC while witnessing active canvassing from Republican organizations.

Vice President Kamala Harris, once a crucial factor in securing the 2020 election, has seen her favorability decline as her role has not met expectations.