BOMBSHELL: Bill Clinton Now Anti-Immigrant

Bill Clinton

( – In a surprising twist of fate, former President Bill Clinton has made some anti-illegal alien comments, insisting that New York City’s “Right to Shelter” law should be changed due to the vast expenses it causes because of the unprecedented illegal immigrant invasion harming the entire nation.

In an interview for the 77 WABC radio program “The Cats Roundtable,” Clinton supported Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s call for doing away with the guaranteed right to accommodation.

“Gov. Hochul thinks it should be modified, and it probably should under the circumstances,” the former president declared, as cited by The New York Post.

He backed arguments made by Hochul and NYC’s Democrat Mayor, Eric Adams that the free accommodation was designed to help local homeless individuals rather than a massive influx of illegal immigrants invading the Southern Border.

The Post notes that advocates of the guaranteed shelter right have mounted legal challenges to defend it.

According to Bill Clinton, the accommodation rule should be changed to relieve New York’s finances, but the main issue is that it takes months to give work permits to illegal immigrants.

“It’s broken. We need to fix it… It doesn’t make any sense. They come here, and we’re supposed to shelter people who can’t get work permits for six months. We need to change that,” he stated.

“They ought to work. They need to begin working, paying taxes and paying their way. Most of these people have no interest in being on welfare,” the former president argued.

In his view, Venezuelan migrants should be allowed to secure work permits faster.

“[Biden is] trying to do that. Probably somebody will sue him and say, ‘You can’t do that for one group and not another,’” Clinton forecasted.

He acknowledged the illegal immigrant crisis hurt the Democrats and the president.

“The [US immigration] system is built to handle about 400,000 … We should build more housing just over the Rio Grande, and Mexico, I think, would support that. Keep people there, and let them in as quickly as possible if they are going someplace where we know they can get a job and they’ll be welcome,” he elaborated.

“Chaos has been very beneficial for the Republicans,” the former president added, arguing that immigration benefited the economy.

“We have a negative birth rate in America … If that happens, the only way to keep your economy growing is either with immigrants or machines,” he said.