BOMBSHELL: North Korea Armed Hamas


( – As reported by several South Korean news sources, North Korea provided weapons to Hamas before the terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7. During the first attack, over 1,400 Israelis were killed, and more than 200 civilians, including Americans, were abducted by Hamas.

Reports from VOA’s Korean Service and Yonhap News Agency suggest that several of the weapons employed by Hamas during the attack might have been produced in North Korea.

One South Korean military official, who requested anonymity, said, “Hamas is believed to be directly or indirectly linked to North Korea in various areas, such as the weapons trade, tactical guidance and training.” The same source raised concerns by adding, “There is a possibility that North Korea could use Hamas’ attack methods for a surprise invasion of South Korea.”

In South Korea, Israeli diplomat Akiva Tor confirmed the allegations. He told VOA that North Korea sent weapons to Hamas before the October 7 assault. Additionally, he mentioned that Iran was undeniably backing Hamas’ actions, but he could not specify the degree of involvement. Expanding on this, Tor commented, “In Gaza, as it is the one which attacks us, they use North Korean weapons. It could be that these North Korean weapons have been in Iran for quite a long time.”

Supporting this claim, a picture taken by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) showcased Hamas weaponry that resembled an F7 high-explosive rocket. This specific type of rocket is produced by North Korea, though under a different name. An official familiar with the weapons stated that the rockets certainly looked of North Korean origin.

Bruce Bechtol, previously associated with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, stated to VOA, “It appears likely that a considerable number of the weapons that Hamas has [been using came] from the North Koreans.”

Additionally, 122 mm artillery shells found near the Israeli border and recognized by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) seemed to be from North Korea. They bore the “Bang-122” insignia, commonly seen on North Korean military shells. utilized

Moreover, Hamas has been observed to use military strategies that resemble tactics previously demonstrated by North Korea, including the use of paragliders, which mirrors a North Korean military display from 2016.

In response to these allegations, North Korean state media, KCNA, labeled them “groundless and false [rumors].”