BOMBSHELL: Trump Supporters Targeted

( – The FBI is allegedly taking secret measures against backers of former President Donald Trump to avert potential violence during the 2024 elections.

According to a Newsweek investigation spanning three months, over a dozen present and past officials specializing in terrorism were consulted about the internal security scenario and the steps being taken by President Joe Biden’s administration against what is termed as domestic terrorism.

An unnamed current FBI officer conveyed to Newsweek that while the institution aims to prevent a recurrence of the events from Jan. 6, 2021, it is equally pivotal to safeguard the constitutional freedom of Americans to express their views and oppose the government. This officer further emphasized, “By focusing solely on Trump supporters, the FBI risks provoking the type of anti-government activities it is working hard to prevent.”

Another high-ranking official from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence expressed concerns to Newsweek about Biden’s approach to domestic terrorism potentially inciting opponents, especially those skeptical about the electoral process or those convinced of a rigged system.

Newsweek, having analyzed confidential data from both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, reported that experts are debating whether “terrorism” is the correct terminology for the issue. They also ponder if the counterterrorism techniques formulated against groups like al-Qaida are apt for domestic challenges.

In a notable move, Newsweek highlighted that the FBI introduced a classification named AGAAVE-Other in October 2022. This stands for anti-government, anti-authority violent extremism and encompasses threats that don’t align with established categories like anarchist, militia, or Sovereign Citizen groups. The official definition categorizes them as “domestic violent extremists who cite anti-government or anti-authority motivations for violence or criminal activity not otherwise defined, such as individuals motivated by a desire to commit violence against those with a real or perceived association with a specific political party or faction of a specific political party.”

While not explicitly mentioned, sources confirmed to Newsweek that the AGAAVE-Other label relates to violent activities linked with Trump enthusiasts.

Addressing Newsweek, the FBI clarified that the AGAAVE threat is vast, including “anarchist violent extremists, militia violent extremists, sovereign citizen violent extremists, and other violent extremists — some of whom are motivated by a desire to harm those with a real or perceived association with a political party or faction.”

The bureau further stated its probes are not exclusively about Trump’s supporters, indicating, “These violent extremists have targeted both Republican and Democratic members of Congress.”

However, another anonymous high-ranking intelligence source disclosed to Newsweek, “Trump’s army constitutes the greatest threat of violence domestically … politically … that’s the reality and the problem set. That’s what the FBI, as a law enforcement agency has to deal with. But whether Trump and his supporters are a threat to national security, to the country, whether they represent a threat of civil war? That’s a trickier question. And that’s for the country to deal with, not the FBI.”