BREAKING: Trump Runs the Table

( – In a remarkable show of his political strength, Donald Trump has obliterated his sole remaining competitor for the 2024 GOP nomination, Nikki Haley, by winning in a landslide the Republican presidential caucuses in Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho just days ahead of Super Tuesday.

The former president emerged victorious in the voting on Saturday, decisively outpacing his opponent, the former South Carolina governor.

Trump’s triumph in the Missouri caucus was announced by AP at 12:40 p.m. EST, shortly after the initial results were reported.

His victory in Idaho was confirmed at 6:58 p.m. EST, with approximately two-thirds of the votes counted.

Trump secured all the delegates in Missouri and captured 85 percent of the caucus votes in Idaho, National Review reports.

Additionally, Trump achieved a landslide victory in the Michigan Republican caucus on Saturday, securing 98 percent of the vote.

This victory came just days after he had easily defeated Haley in the Michigan primary.

“THANK YOU, MISSOURI! Together, WE are going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” Trump wrote on Truth Social Saturday afternoon.

These successes lend further momentum to Trump’s campaign and extend his series of victories over Haley and other Republican contenders, the report points out.

Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee after clinching victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, and other early-voting states.

Notably, he won a resounding victory over Haley in her own state of South Carolina last month in a primary that was anticipated to be non-competitive.

Trump is poised for significant wins on Super Tuesday, March 5, when more than a dozen states are set to hold Republican primary elections.

On Friday, Haley hosted an event at the Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., a prestigious four-star venue where the D.C. primary, spanning three days, is being held.

She was anticipated to pose a competitive challenge to Trump in D.C. and Virginia, one of the states voting on Super Tuesday.

A recent survey by Roanoke College indicated Trump leading Haley by eight percentage points in Virginia’s open primary.

Ahead of the Tuesday primaries, Haley secured endorsements from two moderate Republican senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

She also definitively dismissed the possibility of running on the centrist No Labels ticket after her campaign for the Republican nomination concludes.