CNN Admits Trump Is Right

( – The left’s moral bankruptcy has become so obvious and the arguments put forth by Donald Trump – so strong, that now even one of the biggest pillars of leftist propaganda is openly admitting that the former president and presumed 2024 GOP presidential nominee is right.

During a discussion on CNN, a group of commentators acknowledged Trump for highlighting the critical situation with the illegal immigrant invasion at the Southern border.

Brad Todd, a Republican strategist, contributed to the conversation by pointing out the escalating crisis at the southern border, predicting it would dominate the 2024 election narrative.

“I think the fact that the border’s out of control and the Biden administration has made the problem worse is what’s the bigger problem,” Todd said.

“The key portion of this electorate, I mean people who may not always like the way Trump talks or his choice of words, that they don’t like the way Joe Biden’s policies acted. Immigration is gonna be number one on that. Immigration and crisis both. And that’s gonna be the pull and push of this campaign,” he added.

Ana Navarro, CNN’s senior political commentator, attacked Trump’s longstanding emphasis on border issues, recalling its effectiveness in his 2016 campaign.

“He goes to this over and over again. It’s funny because you know, what he’s talking about, there’s zero evidence that countries are opening up their insane asylums and their jails and letting these people go to the border. That did happen once. You and I remember that. It happened in Cuba when Castro opened up the insane asylums and the jails, and a lot of good people and a lot of crazy people came at the same time. And I actually think he’s kinda, like, taking a page from that, from that historical occurrence, Mariel in 1980, and using it with zero evidence,” the CNN operative said.

“And we do have a problem. And the problem is that there’s countries like Cuba, like Venezuela — which he can’t pronounce — like Nicaragua, and Haiti. Three of those are ruled by left-wing dictators who are anti-American. Haiti is a complete basket case right now and getting worse by the minute. And there’s, you know, there’s no controlling of that. And there’s no cooperation from those countries. They don’t even want to take deportees back,” Navarro concluded.

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