CNN Delivers Bad News for Biden

Joe Biden

( – In a severe blow to Joe Biden’s reelection hopes, the president is being abandoned by Hispanic and Latino voters, who are increasingly showing preference for Donald Trump on border security and immigration – a trend announced by no other than leftist propaganda pillar CNN.

CNN’s Data Reporter, Harry Enten, detailed the significant lead former President Donald Trump has over President Joe Biden concerning immigration issues.

The current public approval of Biden’s immigration policies stands at a mere 32.6%, based on an average from RealClearPolling, covering data from February 21 to March 19.

Enten highlighted the stark contrast in the public’s perception from the time of the 2020 election, emphasizing the shift in voter confidence towards Trump over Biden on matters of immigration and border security.

“This is one of the trend lines that I think really tells the story that is the difference between this election and the 2020 election,” Enten noted to CNN host Anderson Cooper.

“So, if you ask voters, who do you think would do a better job handling border security and immigration, what do we see? We see that back in 2020, it was basically a dead even split, right? Joe Biden was slightly favored, but not overwhelmingly. And of course, he has slightly won the election, not overwhelmingly so,” the analyst said.

“Look at where we are today. In a Marquette University Law School poll that was put out last month, look at that advantage that … Donald Trump has on immigration and border security,” Enten added.

“It’s near 30 points. This is a tremendous change that’s going on and it’s no wonder that Donald Trump is running on immigration and he’s not just running on it in the Republican primary, he’s running on it in the general election and I also think that’s why there hasn’t been quite the backlash that you might expect over Trump’s comments, some of which I, of course, wouldn’t make, and it is because that voters at this particular point are quite concerned about immigration and they trust Donald Trump on this particular issue,” the CNN reported elaborated.

Since the beginning of fiscal year 2021, the U.S. Border Patrol has encountered over 6.6 million illegal immigrants, with more than 2.2 million of these encounters occurring in fiscal year 2022 alone, following Biden’s reversal of several Trump-era policies.

“So, you know, might think that Hispanic voters might be the types of folks who would have a backlash against Donald Trump’s remarks, right? Ain’t the case. If you ask Hispanic voters, who do they trust more on border security and immigration, overwhelmingly, they trust Donald Trump more, by a tremendous margin. Look at that, 49 percent to 24 percent and that is in line with what we are seeing in the polls in general amongst Hispanics, right?” Enden asked.

“Joe Biden won them overwhelmingly back in 2020, won them by over 20 percentage points, Democrats normally carry them overwhelmingly. If you look at the polling right now, an average of polling amongst Hispanic voters, who did they choose in the ballot test? It’s barely Biden, Biden by about two points. It would be the smallest margin for any Democratic candidate among Hispanic voters, basically throughout history, since we started polling the gosh darn thing. So, the fact is, at this point, there is no backlash and at this point, I don’t see one coming,” the analyst concluded.

“Gosh darn, Harry Enten,” Cooper responded shaking his head.

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