Dog Bites Blamed On Biden

Joe Biden

( – As if Joe Biden’s public image didn’t suffer enough after a US special counsel concluded he was too old and with memory issues, dog trainers now say the fact the president’s pet Commander keeps biting people stems from his owner’s “lack of leadership.”

The situation surrounding Biden’s two-year-old German shepherd, Commander, has escalated to a significant concern.

Following 11 biting incidents, one of which reportedly necessitated a Secret Service officer’s hospitalization, Commander has been removed from the White House premises.

Sources indicate the presence of the dog created a “hostile” and “dangerous” work environment, as noted by someone familiar with the president’s Secret Service detail speaking to CNN, The Daily Caller reports.

Experts in dog behavior suggest Commander’s issues stem from a lack of guidance and firm leadership from his owners.

According to professionals interviewed by The Caller, the president himself is seen as the pivotal figure in remedying the dog’s behavior.

David Tirpak from Miracle K9 Training emphasized that German shepherds, in particular, face additional stress when not handled by their primary caretaker, leading to behavior issues.

“I think that’s probably a lot of it, I’d say [the dog] is probably lacking some direction and lacking some good leadership, but I don’t know how conducive that would be, given the environment that he’s in, for it to be successful with this individual dog,” Tirpak said.

The unpredictable nature of the White House, coupled with multiple handlers, likely exacerbates Commander’s conduct.

The Biden family received Commander in December 2021, following the departure of two other German shepherds earlier that year.

Commander’s biting incidents are not isolated, with more occurrences than publicly acknowledged, suggesting a pattern of aggression.

Experts argue that German shepherds require consistent companionship from their primary owners to mitigate behavioral issues.

“President Biden has to be the one that’s going to step up and control the dog. It’s not only his responsibility, but he’s the one that has the best shot [at controlling the dog]. I mean, everybody knows that when you get a dog, they’re your best friend,” said Tom Davis of Upstate Canine Academy.

Despite remedial training efforts, the White House has remained tight-lipped about specific measures taken to address Commander’s aggression.

A White House official acknowledged the seriousness with which the situation has been treated, involving collaboration with the Secret Service and other professionals.