‘Eradicate These Barbarians’

Ron DeSantis

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – While Biden has been slow to respond to the fact that Americans are being held hostage by Muslim terrorists in Gaza, several Republican presidential candidates have expressed utmost support for Israel and have recommended immediate actions the U.S. should take in light of the situation.

Israel launched a counteroffensive in Gaza after recent terrorist attacks, which resulted in a significant number of deaths, including both Israelis and Palestinians. In response, GOP candidates proposed various measures to support Israel, such as sending aid, pausing the $6 billion Biden approved for Iran in exchange for American prisoners, and imposing sanctions on Iran.

Donald Trump stated that the Israel-Hamas conflict wouldn’t have occurred during his tenure. He also supported the idea of freezing the $6 billion.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis voiced his support for Israel on Twitter: “We must not only stand with Israel, but we must support them as they hunt down and eradicate these barbarians. Israel, with the full support of the United States, should kill Hamas members and extinguish their entire infrastructure.” He also called for freezing funds that Biden made available to Iran, stopping foreign aid to Hamas, and securing America’s southern border to ensure protection against threats.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley proposed redirecting the $6 billion towards Israel. She tweeted: “Israel needs our help in this battle of good vs. evil.” Additionally, she emphasized the importance of supporting Israel with arms and intelligence and proposed sanctions against nations aiding Hamas.

Conservative businessman Vivek Ramaswamy stressed the importance of a measured approach in his tweet: “The Hamas-led attacks on Israel were barbaric and cannot be condoned. We require a rational response that supports Israel while avoiding another U.S.-led disaster in the Middle East.”

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina addressed the U.S.’s potential actions in a foreign policy speech, emphasizing the importance of rescuing American hostages and aiding Israel.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum spoke about offering Israel “maximum political and military support” and halting U.S. aid to Iran.

Former Vice President Mike Pence proposed canceling the $6 billion payment, using military power to isolate Iran, and deploying special forces into Gaza to address the hostage situation.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie highlighted the need to work closely with Israeli leadership for support.

A conservative radio host, Larry Elder, expressed concerns about antisemitism, stating: “There is a direct connection between the recent terror attacks in Israel and Biden’s appeasement of Iran.” He urged holding leaders accountable for their connections and promoting unity.