Inflated Voter Rolls Cause Alarm

( – In an alarming development that could facilitate election fraud, the state of Nevada is accused of maintaining “impossibly high” voter registration rolls, leading the Republican National Committee to file a lawsuit over the matter against its secretary of state.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is now suing Cisco Aguliar, Nevada’s Secretary of State, claiming that Nevada has excessively high numbers on its voter registration lists.

This action challenges Nevada’s adherence to the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which obliges states to maintain precise and up-to-date voter registration records.

The RNC’s complaint states that an examination revealed five out of Nevada’s 17 counties possess voter registration figures that suggest non-compliance with the NVRA’s standards, The Daily Caller reports.

“Election integrity begins with accurate voter lists, which is the essence of the National Voter Registration Act’s mandate for state officials to ensure their records are current and correct,” stated RNC Co-Chair Michael Whatley in a press release on Monday.

“Given Nevada’s practices of universal mail voting and the absence of voter ID requirements, Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar’s oversight in adhering to the NVRA and ensuring reliable voter rolls is particularly alarming. It’s imperative for Nevada to establish accurate voter lists as a fundamental step in guaranteeing that voting remains accessible while preventing fraud,” Whatley elaborates.

The lawsuit points out that at least three counties in Nevada have a voter registration count exceeding the total population of adult citizens aged 18 and above. It describes these figures as implausibly large.

Moreover, it asserts that two counties have active voter registration rates above 90% of the adult population, a statistic that significantly exceeds both the national and state-level voter registration rates in recent elections.

This legal challenge mirrors a similar one the RNC lodged against Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, on March 13, criticizing Michigan for not meeting NVRA standards due to purportedly exaggerated voter registration lists.

As of March 14, the RNC had engaged in 79 lawsuits concerning election integrity across 23 states for the 2024 election cycle.

Despite ongoing criticisms from Republicans regarding election laws that were contentious during the 2020 election, an investigation by the Daily Caller highlighted that the RNC, in collaboration with the NRCC and the NRSC, is vigorously pursuing an election integrity campaign.

This analysis indicated that several key states are planning to implement ballot drop-boxes and permit no-excuse absentee voting, with five battleground states offering two weeks of early voting and many others dispatching absentee ballots over six weeks prior to Election Day.

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