John Kerry Gets Bad News

( – Joe Biden’s ally and recent climate envoy John Kerry is finding himself in a growing amount of trouble far-exceeding the embarrassments he frequently causes to himself with public gaffes, which at times come close to rivaling the president’s.

Members of the House of Representatives from the Republican Party are urgently requesting that John Kerry disclose comprehensive details regarding his unofficial diplomatic engagements with the Islamic Republic of Iran during the tenure of the Trump administration.

They express concerns that Kerry’s actions may have contravened the Logan Act, a federal statute, The New York Post reports.

Spearheaded by Representative Mike Waltz from Florida, a group of five Republican lawmakers submitted a formal request to the State Department.

They demand that Kerry surrender all documentation related to his “private correspondence” with Javad Zarif, the former Iranian Foreign Minister.

“It is of the utmost importance to ascertain the nature of these communications. Any discussion of sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump against Iran would present a likely violation of the Logan Act,” the GOP lawmakers wrote.

In addition to Waltz, the letter is co-signed by Representatives Brian Mast and Byron Donalds from Florida, Keith Self from Texas, and Gary Palmer from Alabama.

These legislators are also asking Kerry, who recently quit as a climate envoy in order to campaign for President Biden’s reelection, to pledge an end to his so-called “shadow diplomacy” if Trump reassumes the presidency later in the year.

The group posed a direct inquiry to Kerry, questioning his willingness to terminate any covert communications with Iran or other foreign governments should there be a new administration after the November election.

“Will you commit to ceasing any backchannel communications with Iran and any other foreign government in the event of a change in administrations in November and never again advise the Iranian government on how to evade US pressure?” they questioned.

They further inquired whether Kerry would abstain from advising the Iranian government on strategies to circumvent US pressures.

The report points out that after the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran—a pact facilitated by Kerry—in November 2018 and the subsequent imposition of sanctions, Biden has taken steps to waive these sanctions.

Despite the rarity of prosecutions under the 1799 Logan Act, violations can lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to three years or financial penalties. It serves to prohibit American citizens from engaging in unauthorized diplomacy with foreign governments.

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