Musk Hiring Famous Reporter?!

( – In an evident bid to right a major wrong committed by leftist censorship, billionaire Elon Musk is in talks to hire Catherine Herridge, a former mainstream media reporter axed by CBS after delving into the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, to produce content for X, the former Twitter.

Herridge, previously a senior investigative correspondent for CBS News, is currently in negotiations to become part of X, The New York Post has disclosed.

Herridge, an acclaimed journalist, was unexpectedly dismissed by CBS News in February amid a series of layoffs conducted by its corporate parent, Paramount.

This month, Herridge was seen discussing potential opportunities with X CEO Linda Yaccarino at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, DC, as per an informed source.

The nature of these discussions has been labeled as “preliminary,” and a possible agreement might position Herridge at the forefront of an investigative division she would be instrumental in assembling.

X released a statement acknowledging ongoing conversations with various content creators keen on joining the platform, including Herridge.

The statement highlighted Herridge’s exemplary journalism and her staunch support for free speech but refrained from further details.

Herridge, who is also involved in a significant First Amendment lawsuit attracting nationwide journalistic attention, has opted not to comment on the discussions.

A source hinted to The Post that Herridge is considering multiple offers at this time.

X is on a mission to enhance its platform with high-profile journalists, having already welcomed former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson and former CNN host Don Lemon.

Despite Lemon’s contract being terminated by X’s Elon Musk after a controversial interview, Lemon continues to broadcast his show on X and YouTube, though his viewership has significantly declined.

For Herridge, joining X could mean more liberty in her journalistic pursuits. She previously encountered editorial restrictions at CBS, especially concerning her coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop story, sources mentioned to The Post.

After being terminated by CBS as part of a broader cull by Paramount Global, Herridge made news when CBS refused to return her personal files, which contained sensitive information on major stories, sources, and her First Amendment lawsuit, for approximately two weeks.

Although CBS claimed the files were untouched, the incident led to widespread criticism from both the journalist’s union and the House Judiciary Committee.

The files were eventually returned following pressure from the union, and the House Judiciary Committee is contemplating an investigation into the incident.

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