Notorious Left-Wing Activist Converts to What?! (Video)

( – In nauseating proof of the love affair between radical leftists and Islamism, a far-left US activist has converted to Islam, and declared his support for the Palestinian Arabs, and, by extension, their terror group Hamas, in their fight against US ally Israel in the Gaza Strip.

See the video of King’s conversion to Islam below! 

On the inaugural night of Ramadan, notable left-wing activist and prior advocate for Black Lives Matter, Shaun King, made a public declaration of his conversion to Islam.

This announcement, met with enthusiastic acclaim from his followers who voiced “Allahu Akbar” in support, was shared through a video on his Telegram account.

The video showcased both King and his wife pronouncing the Shahada, affirming their belief in the oneness of God and Muhammad as His final prophet.

Accompanying the video, King expressed his intentions to fast in unity with his “dearest friends in Gaza.”

“Good evening everyone in America and good morning to the rest of the world. My wife and I just got home from evening prayers at our home mosque in Dallas, Texas. Together, we took Shahada and converted to Islam to start off Ramadan. It was a beautiful, powerful, meaningful day for us that we will never forget,” the leftist-turned-Islamist said.

“I will be praying for you and I ask that you please continue praying for us. We will begin fasting in the morning with over 1 billion Muslims around the world. My heart is with my dearest friends in Gaza and I’m proud that we were able to provide meals tonight to thousands and thousands of families from the North to the South in Gaza and will do so every day of Ramadan. I will be sharing much more with you tomorrow. Love you all, Shaun,” he added.

Following King’s announcement, Hasib Noor, the founder and director of the Legacy Institute, expressed his joy on X.

“One of the best news I’ve heard for Ramadan is BROTHER @shaunking accepted Islam. What an amazing man. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Allahu Akbar!” Noor wrote.

King, who identifies as black and was formerly known as a Christian pastor, has faced considerable controversy throughout his career.

Accusations of financial impropriety have dogged his fundraising endeavors, which have frequently failed to deliver the anticipated outcomes.

His reputation has been further marred by involvement in several misleading media incidents, leading to his estrangement from the Black Lives Matter movement.

More recently, King has aimed to refute allegations concerning the actions of Hamas in Israel during the Nir Oz terrorist attack on October 7.

In 2020, King ignited a furor with his stance on depictions of Jesus as a white European, arguing that such representations should be removed for embodying “a form of white supremacy.”

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