RFK Jr. Makes Big Announcement

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a much-anticipated announcement, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has surprised his supporters by choosing lawyer Nicole Shanahan, a registered Democrat and former wife of Google co-founder Sergey Bryn, as his running mate.

The announcement was made by Kennedy at an event in Oakland, California, Shanahan’s hometown, where approximately 500 attendees were present at the Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts, and over 30,000 people watched online.

Participants online suggested various individuals for the vice-presidential position, including Tulsi Gabbard and Aaron Rodgers, USA Today reports.

Kennedy praised Shanahan, who is described as a “philanthropist,” for her dedication to health, organic food, and her profound understanding of how the tech industry utilizes artificial intelligence to influence the public and highlight government wrongdoings.

He admired her past as an athlete and described her as an adept administrator and a person with a curious mind, open to revising her viewpoints, possessing spiritual and idealistic qualities, and, importantly, having a profound love for the United States.

The report points out that despite her being a Democrat with no political or administrative background and her philanthropy often supporting mainstream science—a contrast to Kennedy’s skepticism towards vaccine science and public health expertise—Shanahan’s choice is seen as fitting by some.

Part of the reasons for that include her substantial financial contribution of over $4 million to Kennedy’s campaign and her extensive connections in Silicon Valley.

Kennedy emphasized 38-year-old Shanahan’s superior grasp of technology’s potential risks and benefits compared to other candidates.

Political experts argue that while Shanahan’s chances of becoming vice president are slim, and her selection might not significantly impact Kennedy’s campaign.

“The chances of this person becoming vice president are close to zero,” commented Peter Ubertaccio, a professor of political science at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts.

“The nomination of Ms. Shanahan will make no difference whatsoever in Kennedy’s bid. People don’t vote for vice president. They vote for president,” said Jeffrey Berry, a political science professor at Tufts University.

The report stresses that no third-party candidate has won the presidency in more than a century.

It is noted that critics suggest Kennedy’s choice might be more financially motivated, as Shanahan’s wealth allows her to support the campaign beyond typical contribution limits.

Shanahan, whose mother is from Communist China and who was married to Google co-founder Bryn from 2018 until 2023, told the audience how important it was to cure chronic diseases caused by modern life – which in turn would cure America.

“What is possible for the human being is also possible for our nation,” she declared.

She also promised that as vice president she would “make this world a little less crazy.”

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