‘Squad’ Member’s Border Claim Stuns MSM Reporter – Video

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Stretching further the limits of Democrat arrogance and shocking even a left-wing CNN host, a radical leftist US congresswoman has asserted that the Southern Border is secure amid a striking new surge in the illegal immigrant invasion assisted by the Biden administration.

You can watch a video of what happened further down this post.

According to Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), a member of the far-left “Squad” led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there is no illegal immigrant invasion at the US-Mexican border, only a “humanitarian crisis.”

During a CNN interview on Wednesday, host Jake Tapper asked Pressley if “something needs to be done” about the “crisis at the border” due to GOP worries about the absence of extra border security funding in a bipartisan Senate bill.

“No doubt about it, our border is secure, and we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, and we have to fix a broken system,” the Democrat House member declared in response, as cited by Fox News.

“You think the border is secure? Or it is not secure?” Tapper interjected.

Pressley responded that the federal government should spend money on supporting migrant families since America was “in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.”

“But just to get some clarity on this, and sure it is a conversation for another day, but do you think that the border is secure? Is that what you said?” the CNN anchor persisted.

“Yes, the border is secure. And we’re in the midst of a humanitarian crisis that has been created by a broken system,’ the Massachusetts Democrat carried on.

“But if you have millions of undocumented migrants coming into the country, how is the border secure?” Tapper pressed on.

Pressley replied that the border situation was “not a new crisis” and went on to stress her work with the Haitian community in the United States as the chair of the House Haiti caucus.

“Okay, it sounds like in there you acknowledge that there are millions of people crossing the border illegally, which would mean that the border is not secure… Would you grant me the point that the border is not secure?” the CNN host asked at the end of the interview.

“Jake, that is a conversation for another day. Right now, I’m squarely focused on preventing a government shutdown,” the Democrat replied.